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23 May 2006

1st Day Issue / Postalo Vleeptron / Souvenirs of Earth / Matryoshka nested dolls

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Vleeptron welcomes Vladimir / Vova / StereoBalls
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Blogger dusty said...

Whats up w/all the past russian leaders?

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

hiya dusty

well if you read the Comments in the series of posts about the Eurovision Song Contest, a guy named StereoBalls wants to sell us all the Eurovision songs. Anyway he's the first Russian to ever Leave A Comment on Vleeptron. So I'm interrogating him and welcoming him with this stamp (I just added Gorbachev). His name's Vladimir, he lives in Moscow, he likes ... well, he's telling us all about stuff in Russia.

How's your cat? Our maine coon Elmer's been very sick this week but we've ruled out All Bad Things, so it's probably just some Awful Shock, like maybe he mixed it up with Molly our Backyard Single Mother Bear. Elmer's getting better.


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