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21 May 2006

Helvetian Sauer Grapes 2006 / up from the fœtid Comment Sewers beneath Ciudad Vleeptron

StereoBalls said...

You can download Eurovision songs CD at

Bob Merkin said...

i do not wish to show any disrespect for our Russian friends, but, uhhhh, Mr. StereoBalls wants us to use our credit cards to download .mp3s from, uhhhhh, a Russian source, and, uhhhh ...

Vleeptron just can't bring itself to recommend or advise this plan. Even for all those wonderful delicious Eurovision songs ............

as the movie dentist asked: Is it safe?

pathwithahangover said...

I actually wanted to comment on the post above, but only glibberish appears when you click on the comments section.

So you wanna know about six4one ? Dunno. Doncare. Haven't seen the event, I was at the Pub with the mates for a few rounds of pool and a few lagers. I am not going to rant about Eurosong this time. Beer, Pool Billiards and The Stooges were more important last night than this Vanity Circus.

Jim Olson said...

yah. I watched this live here in Oxford with the students. The band that won looks like a bad KISS cover band with makeup done by the guy who did the makeup for Bruce Campbell's ever-campy Army of Darkness.

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Hey! Divine On The Ground! Tell us about

... Daz Sampson of the United Kingdom who describes himself as "the people’s champion." But there’s no sign of him at the start of the song, which is being sung by five girls in cute school uniform, sitting at desks in a classroom. It’s only after the chorus that Daz appears from behind a blackboard, dressed in a bright yellow jacket and rapping about the gulf between teachers and teenagers. A very catchy tune!

While Eurovision was burning down Athens
and melting the satellites and T2 networks and Podcasting and Webcasting and Narrowcasting and Streaming across Europa, the British Isles, Asia Minor, Central Asia, the Mediterranean and the Levant, which game involving plastic balls are we talking about exactly?

Game 1 (above) or Game 2? With or Without Holes? How many balls, how colored and numbered, manufactured of what substance?

The vocabulary for these particular Gentlemen's & Ladies' Games has always been ill-defined, unclear, evasive. In the USA when you say "I'm going downtown to shoot some pool," this is synonymous with your aggressive wish to be universally known as a Social Outcast. And you never announce that you're going to play Billiards, because you or your rich friends would already have a Billiards (no holes) table in the library, or in your Club. I haven't the foggiest idea what Snooker is, or who plays it, if you know, tell me. (Acey-Deucey is a variant of Backgammon played largely by sailors or their children.)

What did you have to drink? was anyone drinking Absinthe? Can you smoke cigars in your Pool Hall? Was the TV on showing the Contest? Was anybody watching? Was anyone getting excited?

A little atmosphere from the A-VP Man On The Ground -- Feature writing -- would be nice, maybe could pull in a few € from the Sports & Travel market. You blew all the budget on the laptop, do you have a digital still camera yet?

I detect the aroma of last year's Sauer Grapes; I think you were hoping your violent Termite Culture critique of Eurovision from last year would have caused Eurovision to be terribly ashamed of itself and immediately cancel the Song Contest forever.

I figured the winner until the End of Time would be Love Love Amore Amor Amour Liebe Kjærlighet любовь. Surprise! This year it is Fenska Huns and Vikings coming at innocent bystanders with Fire and Double-Bladed Battleaxe. Maybe this is a Sign of the End Times, of the Arockalypse. Vleeptron is stocking up on store-brand spring water. (Glenn Gould's was Poland Springs, from Poland, Maine USA.)

While the Athens show was still being broadcast/Podcast/narrowcast/webcast, I posted my vote for Lordi; you can check my Audit Trail. I know a Eurovision winner when I see one. I have already booked my old suite for next year in the Ramada Helsinki across the square from the wonderful Rail Station designed by Eero Saarinen's dad.

(Do they call the Paris Hilton the Paris Hilton, or do they have to call it something else now?)

I'll finally meet Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks! He only has to live one more year for me to get his autograph! (MTV Finland does/did a "Life with Andy McCoy" reality show.)

Okay, I confess, I'm a Termite. Termite. Termite. I'm all fucked up on Las Ketchup [ demo of The Ketchup Song, muy bailable ] I am building an on-line Shrine to them. What I say three times is True.


Blogger StereoBalls said...

Hi Bob!
No I don't want to steal your money. I just give you an opportunity to buy CDs at lower prices. The site I referred to provides enouth security to provide safe transactions (using third-party bank official gateway), so nobody knows your details etc.
It only your choice download or not to download.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

okay okay you are one very persistent pop music mp3 download capitalist

you wish our Western hard currency, our US$, our Euros, our francs.

we wish to know more about you.

first of all ... my mother calls me Bob. your mother does NOT call you "stereoballs."

so ... what is your name, my droog? Are you in St. Petersburg? Are you in Moscow?

do you only like Eurovision songs? or do you love all music? or all rock? or classical music too? do you love Rimsky? Do you love Korsikov too?

Who represented Russia in the Athens Eurovision show? Did you like them? Do you like Lordi? Who was your favorite act?

Tell us some stuff about Russia right now. Vleeptron loves to hear stuff from all over the world. Gossip. Rumor. Bad News. Good News. We're just nosey.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

oh stereoballs also ... your Patronimic. My middle name is Bruce.

Blogger Jim Olson said...

Nothing to tell, really.

Daz sucked, all the Brits here thought so.

Anonymous patfromasmallvillageinch said...

definetly version one with holes. no plastic balls involved.
Not actually a pool hall, just a pool table, a small boombox, a pinball machine, and a Dart board in the backroom of the local pub in the small village where I grew up.
No Absinth, just lager. no cigars, no tv. You are allowed to smoke though and you can bring your own music along which is petty cool, because the poeple in the front room can't hear you while the stooges' first album is blasting away.
happiess comes in small units i reckon.
europeans do not see Pool as raunchy or upper-class. it's just like going for a round of minigolf or bowling.
Snooker is played on a larger table and the rules are different, Daz Sampson seems to be the winner ov the UK version of American Idol. I think it's called Fame Academy (Oh those bloody termites ! When will they ever learn ??)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

oh for christ's sake at first i thought you were talking about The 3 Stooges, and i just felt such pity for you and hoped that Suisse still has the excellent reputation for Jung-klasse Psychiatric Care like it always did in American movies from 1930s.

so Iggy travels well to Mitteleuropa, huh? Iggy fucking rawks. He is appearing 4 nites a week in Kafe Drek in Poortown right now! Hop the Zeta Beam!

I have some music still on those CD things you have to actually touch tangibly, this is the way Geezers und Altakakers used to store musical information. Anyway it is Iggy and Blondie singing a duet of "What a Swell Party" by Cole Porter, originally sung by Sinatra and Bing Crosby in the movie "High Society." Absolutelyfuckingly smashing cover!

Have you heard?
It's in the stars!
Next July
We collide with Mars!
Well, did you ever?
What a swell party this is!

hey sincere thanks for the snapshot of Evening Life in the Alps! More! More! What lingos were being gesprachen in this gathering? what were the brands of Lager? which do you recommend?

I like this juke box where you bring your own music. This is a Major Innovation!

Blogger Jim Olson said...

Robert Bruce? Were your parents reading a history of Scotland at the time of your birth?

Robert the Bruce was definitely goy.

Blogger StereoBalls said...

Hi Bob,

>first of all ... my mother calls me >Bob. your mother does NOT call you >"stereoballs."
>so ... what is your name, my droog? >Are you in St. Petersburg? Are you in >Moscow?

My name is Vladimir and my mother calls me Vova. I'm in Moscow, my friend

>do you only like Eurovision songs? or >do you love all music? or all rock? or >classical music too? do you love >Rimsky? Do you love Korsikov too?

No I don't really fan of Eurovision, but I like to watch it since it doesn't happen very often. I like different music, prefer electronic music. Not really classical music fan - but I know Rimsky-KorsAkov.

>Who represented Russia in the Athens >Eurovision show? Did you like them? Do >you like Lordi? Who was your favorite >act?

You're checking if I'm a real person? Well, yes - I am a real one. Russia was represented by Dima Bilan (one on the famous pop singer now in Russia). I liked his perfomance. It was definatelly better than Lordi did.
Can't say who I liked the most without being biased by my patriotism, you know...

>Tell us some stuff about Russia right >now. Vleeptron loves to hear stuff >from all over the world. Gossip. >Rumor. Bad News. Good News. We're just >nosey.

Go ahaid - ask me

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Yo Vladimir! (Hey, where's the Patronimic? You know, like Ivanov or Petrov.)

First of all, JimO wanted to know how I ended up with a middle name Bruce, because Robert (the) Bruce was a Great Hero King of Scotland, and I am not Great, or a Hero, or a King, or Scottish.

My folks cooked up Bruce to memorialize my grandmother, Betty or maybe Bashya. We're from Russia, too, I think somewhere around Minsk. She came to America clutching only one thing: The Samovar.

Here is the deal. You are the first .ru guy to Leave A Comment on Planet Vleeptron. We don't get many Russians on Vleeptron.

I never thought you were a Robot. You don't sell music the way a Robot sells music. (I think "robot" is a Slavic word, the Czech Karel Capek invented the word.)

What's your favorite Internet cafe in Moscow? What's your favorite (cheap) restaurant? What other places should I see when I visit Moscow?

Do you like Vladimir Putin? Did you vote for him? What happened to Boris Yeltsin?

What happened to Mikhail Sergeyovich Gorbachev?

Do they still sell Matryoshka nesting dolls of all Russia/CCCP historical leaders?

Where have you travelled to in and outside of Russia? Have you been to Kaliningrad?

You mean Elektronika music, like tekno? What electronic music is your favorite? Do you like the Theremin? What are the best music/dance clubs in Moscow for this kind of stuff?

That's all I can think of right now.

Blogger StereoBalls said...

Hi Bob!
My last name isn't Ivanov (bumer..) It is Nikolaev.

Glad to hear you have Russian origin. That's why you know so many Russian words and are so open-minded.

I'm also happy to be the first Russian over here. I hope we both enjoy it.

Yes, I think "robot" in its current meaning was first used by Czech writer. But it seems to me that the word's origin goes back to the Latin language, or Ancient Greek. I'll research on this.

I don't go to Internet cafe in Moscow. I prefer accessing it from home, but occassionally I go to FAQcafe with my notebook and use their WiFi hot spot.
Actually, it's a good place to have a dinner or drink with friends on friday. If you visit Moscow you should definatelly check it.

I'm tired of the politics. I work, earn money and don't care who's up there. The only thing I need from government is safety and stability. I have a feeling that Putin provide me with that things.

Boris Yeltsin lives with his family on dacha as a very respectable retired president. Sometimes he visits events to wave a hand and say 'Hi, Russians'.

Don't really know about Gorbachev now. I haven't heard any news about him for a long time. He's a head of some political and social foundation.

Arbat is still a marketplace for all those Soviet attributes and Matryoshkas. I think they still have a good demand on them.

I travelled a lot in Russia and abroad. I lived in Kaliningrad, I went to school first time there.
I lived in the US, been to Finland, Sweden and some former SU republics back in USSR times.

Yes I mean techno, house etc. I like electro and disco house.
I think I've heard of the Theremin but I don't know them. There're a lot of night clubs in Moscow. The best ones are Fabrique, Dyagilev, Gorod. But there're hundreds of others who have pretty good parties from time to time.

Hope I satisfied your first questions so far :-)


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