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20 May 2006

now! download a plug-in! aim your satellite! Eurovision Song Contest! Eurovision Song Contest!

LORDI (Finland / Suomi)

Now! Maintenant! Ahora!
Tonite! a Noche!

the Eurovision Song Contest!

from Athens!

Watch it on your computer!

Bob's voting for Finland!!!

1) Web Pass to ESC-TV The Octoshape plug-in will let you watch ESC-TV:

Or you can get a custom plug-in here

After the installation, an Octoshape upstart icon will appear in your System Tray (lower right corner of your screen.

The Octoshape plug-in is then starting up; this might take a few seconds.

A dialog box will appear to tell you when your web pass is in place and you are ready to play.

2) Choose Video Quality When your web pass is in place, choose a video quality to play:

Dear ESC-TV fan ESC-TV live streaming begins in:

Hours Minutes Seconds

Your media player will show a test signal until the Song Contest begins at

(Central Europe Time)

To ease the peer to peer log on system we advise you to choose a video quality now and keep your media player open.

To allow the EBU to make the Eurovision Song Contest available via the Internet to a worldwide audience, we are streaming this year's song contest over a peer to peer network.

If you have any questions please try our FAQ.

We are grateful for your solidarity.


Blogger StereoBalls said...

You can download Eurovision songs CD at

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

i do not wish to show any disrespect for our Russian friends, but, uhhhh, Mr. StereoBalls wants us to use our credit cards to download .mp3s from, uhhhhh, a Russian source, and, uhhhh ...

Vleeptron just can't bring itself to recommend or advise this plan. Even for all those wonderful delicious Eurovision songs ............

as the movie dentist asked: Is it safe?

Anonymous pathwithahangover said...

I actually wanted to comment on the post above, but only glibberish appears when you click on the comments section.
So you wanna know about six4one ? Dunno. Doncare. Haven't seen the event, I was at the Pub with the mates for a few rounds of pool and a few lagers. I am not going to rant about Eurosong this time. Beer, Pool Billiards and The Stooges were more important last night than this Vanity Circus.

Blogger Jim Olson said...

yah. I watched this live here in Oxford with the students. The band that won looks like a bad KISS cover band with makeup done by the guy who did the makeup for Bruce Campbell's ever-campy Army of Darkness.


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