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NGO_Vleeptron (aka "Bob from Massachusetts") recently featured LIVE on BBC WORLD SERVICE, heard briefly by Gazillions!!!

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20 May 2006


Okay what the heck is this?

3 slices with sausage. Google all you want. Call Klaas in Rotterdam for all I care.




Anonymous patwhoisverysurprised said...

bloody looks like a band to me...comedian harmonists....nah...beatles...
...magical mystery tour...your mother should know.....abbey road cover...different shoes...a band i cannot see...a band where the members are unknown.............(VERY (LOUD CLICK INSIDE BRAIN) ....THE RESIDENTS !!!

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Okay PizzaQ has been immediately won unambiguously by patwhoisverysurprised and ppatisveryastonished, he wins the 3 slices mit Wurst.

I still got no idea who or what or why Elvis was, or why anybody would care. His greatest achievements (not counting the movie "Change of Habit" with Mary Tyler Moore as a nun in street clothes) was stealing original songs from black artists and selling them to a white rockabilly audience so they wouldn't frighten too many white people.

but one of my greatest of all treasures is The Residents' "The King and Eye," their Audible Museum of the Oeuvre d'Elvis. I mean ... it's just STRANGE. Outre. Hypnotic. Mesmerizing.

Teri Garr was a young dancer in one of Elvis' movies when one of The King's entourage approached her and informed her that Elvis wanted to go out on a date with her that evening and take her to the movies. She said "okay," and that night she and Elvis sat next to one another in a movie theater he had entirely rented for a private showing for the night. They sat together up front, and ten rows behind them sat Elvis' Entourage. She says he was very nice, it was a very pleasant night at the movies, her, Elvis, and his 30 Sycophants. That was their only date. (She must have spoken. She has an IQ of about 180.)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Did you just figure out what the image was from just what was already in your brain? Good On Ya Mate! What a Brain!

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Oh! Also The Residents are playing all the weeknights at KafeDrek in CV that Iggy's not playing, and on Tuesday after midnight they're going to jam together!

You know that big marble Greek Revival bank in Zurich? The Zeta Beam hits there for pickup tonite @ 23:22:44 CET, you can be at the Akira Kurosawa Zeta Beam Drome seconds later.


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