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27 August 2005

Why the USA must Stay The Course and not give up (circa 1969)

Whoops, I forgot a link in the previous post about Tickling the Dragon's Tail.

Why the USA fought a War in Southeast Asia -- Vietnam and Cambodia (but that was a classified military secret, I'm not supposed to know we were making war on Cambodia, too) -- for ten years.

Anyway, I'm a little hazy about remembering why we had to keep fighting in Vietnam and why we couldn't give up and end the war and Bring The Boys Home. Bush (who was at the time flying an Air National Guard jet defending our southern borders from an invasion from Mexico) would say: We have to Stay The Course.

But at the time, here's why the President(s) (Johnson and Nixon) and the Secretaries of State (Dean Rusk, Henry Kissinger) and the Secretaries of Defense (Robert MacNamara) and the National Security Advisers (Kissinger again) said we had to keep fighting in Vietnam and we had to fight harder and send more soldiers and marines and send more B-52s to bomb Hanoi.

They kept talking about Dominos.

If you remember any details about the Dominos more clearly than I do, please help me out here. It's all like an ancient nightmare to me ... and a New, Modern nightmare keeps getting in the way of my memory and concentration.

(I don't think this one has anything to do with Dominos. This one's more classic: Freedom. Democracy. They are going to love our Freedom and our Democracy. They are going to be so grateful.)


Blogger pat's pub said...

I was born when the War in Viet Nam was still raging so I'm not exactly an eyewitness but I thought I'd google that up
(Maybe this will refresh your memory)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Cool! What did you Google? "Vietnam" + "dominos"?

Uhhh ... now that you know the Domino Theory ... does it make sense to you?

Blogger pat's pub said...

googled "nixon" and "domino theroy".
does it make sense? Nope. Not a bit.
Even without knowing anything about Military Strategy or Tacitus, Julius Caesar, Sun Zu, Macchiavelli and von Clausewitz even a fool like me can tell you that the Invasion of both Viet Nam and Iraq were sheer stupidity, a waste of time, money, and most of all, lives. Starting to wonder why they came up with that surreal idea about dominoes...


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