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18 August 2005

more Gargoyles, & How To Make Bob Happy

Here are some more Gargoyles. In previous Post, I neglected to add the obligatory:

Cliquez sur l'image
pour une image
plus claire et plus grande.

This is a poster for sale to tourists, but on this fellow's website, he has inscribed the names of his colleagues who were visiting Oxford for some seminar. Each Gargoyle reminded him of a particularly colleague, I think that's what's happening here.

Please remember that Bob Is Unhappy. Astonishingly, Bob can be made Happy Again with the simplest, silliest things: Leaving A Comment, for example. Not Leaving Comments also makes Bob Unhappy. Leaving A Comment makes Bob Happy!


Blogger pat's pub said...

Bob Not Happy. That no good. Pat don' like that. Bob needs ta be cheered up. Needs to be prevented from pre-autumn depression. Pat will help. Or at least try.

cheer up mate, we're stil here (I think I can speak for the rest of the comment gang) !
skip out for a 0420, listen to Brian Wilsons re-recording of Smile or watch some monty python. stay positive mate !
More stuff on Gargoyles and "cameos" on frescos can be supplied (Basle and Solothurn have quite remarkable cathedrals with lotsa gargoyles)

For the Fun Stuff I can offer
a more stupid comments
b a story on swiss tanks
c "singing" cells
d more of a)
you still have Lifelines. Ask the audience, call someone or just erase 2 options

Blogger Joana said...

Oh Cheer up! I'm quite miserable myself ust had to pay my IRS grrr:

This is a site with German gargoyles

Blogger Joana said...

and this site is fa-bu-lous!

Anonymous The Impolitic said...

All you had to do is ask Bob.

Here's some baby gargoyles. Sure they're cute when they're little....


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