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14 August 2005

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Flemish Bond is much stronger than Stretcher Bond. For example, a car must go much faster to destroy a Flemish Bond brick wall than it must go to destroy a comparable wall of Stretcher Bond.

Download these brick walls, open them in MS_Paint (it came free with Windows) or Paint.NET (an improved version, free download), erase my graffiti, use paintbrush or spraypaint tool to make your own message about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Use a kitchen timer and try to paint all brick wall messages in 5 minutes or certainly in less than 10 minutes. When the bell rings, SAVE and begin sending your brick wall throughout Cyberspace.

Send your brick walls in e-mail to anyone or any entity all over the world, and post it to blogs, Lists, Forums, etc.

In the USA and the United Kingdom, soldiers are not responsible for the wars. Elected and appointed civilians made all the decisions to wage these wars. Soldiers carry out the orders of civilians in parliamentary democracies.

Note particularly the civilian leaders who helped wage these wars who never served in their country's military; in the USA note particulary the civilian leaders who managed to evade the Vietnam-era universal (for males) military draft.

While the media focuses almost exclusively on Iraq, give comparable attention to the war in Afghanistan. A child, soldier, woman or man killed in Afghanistan is exactly as dead as a child, soldier, woman or man killed in Iraq.

Set a personal goal to disseminate n brick wall messages throughout the Internet. Large values of n are better than small values. The idea is to maximize the total amount of time that the greatest number of peoples' eyeballs see the brick walls on computer screens all over the world.

If recipients of the brick walls complain, or say you have hurt their feelings, or injured their self-esteem, or if they say you are not engaging in civil dialogue, direct them here.

Depleted uranium is replacing lead in Western military bullets and artillery shells, because it is more dense

Force = Mass x Acceleration

and harder than traditional lead. Uranium is both chemically toxic and radioactive; uranium war zones will generate cancers and other diseases both among returning soldiers and veterans, and among the people who must continue to live in the war zones for many years to come.

As of this post, the United States has spent about

on the War in Iraq. Click on that figure to see a more updated amount (it will be larger than this figure, watch the digits spin). If you live in the USA, you can also see what the War in Iraq has cost your state, or even your city or your town.

To date, my town of Northampton, Massachusetts' share of the cost of the Iraq War has been $20,494,100. Every dollar of that can never be spent on anything else, not on health care, not on affordable housing, not on cheap food for children and seniors, not on public school teachers, not on creating jobs. (My town's rightmost digits do not spin as fast as the Total USA digits, but they spin while I watch. Your town or city's rightmost digits will spin for you while you watch.)

Kwek has recently sent me some extraordinarily educational e-mails about the Nuts & Bolts of When The Bill Will Come Due, How We Will Have to Pay the Bill, and What It Will Do to the U.S. Economy and to Most of the People who live in the USA. For some reason, people seem to think it's vulgar to ask how much these wars are costing us, and how we're going to pay for them.

In January 2005, Seymour M. Hersh wrote in The New Yorker that President Bush's team of White House and cabinet officials who cooked up the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken Bush's re-election as a green light and popular mandate to put into action long-standing plans to go to war against Iran. If you do not feel you are a part of this popular mandate, express your feelings on a Virtual Brick Wall.

(Nixon claimed his Vietnam War policies were solidly backed by The Silent Majority -- that is, he had the support of millions and millions of Americans who were just too shy or polite to ever give any perceivable indication that they backed Nixon's Vietnam War policies.)


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