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24 August 2005

fingernails on a blackboard

Okay, here they are, about a dozen samples of the chanteusserie and piano artistry of Jonathan & Darlene Edwards. Scroll down, do the best you can with the clicking, and eventually -- it just happened to me, I heard it -- you will hear these magical snatches of beloved popular song.

Alas, my very favorite is not among these, but perhaps you Musical Youths can find it, first for Your Education, and then SVP a copy to moi: "I Am Woman." Only Darlene could give this song its just desserts, and she does.

And Jonathan Edwards -- what a triumph over a tragedy of heredity. Most people with his problem would never even have thought of trying to play the piano. If you ever see a Steinway making a desperate dash across the avenue, look behind it -- Jonathan Edwards is probably chasing it.


Anonymous Jim Olson said...

Oh, the horror.

I actually own a Jonathan and Darlene LP. I keep it in the same part of my collection with my Spike Jones LPs.

Blogger pat's pub said...

Often have I wondered to what kind of music Intellectuals listen to when they want to have a bit of fun or a good laugh.
Now I know.
I find it quite irritating that this reminds me of Spinal Tap or The Rutles. People with talent pretending they have no talent. Nowdays in popular music ya got lots of people with no talent pretendign that they have

Anyone going for Florence Foster Jenkins ?


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