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old dude, all hair, swell new teeth

13 June 2005

CORRECTION re previous post

Okay, the former Republican Governor of Pennsylvania was RAYMOND P. SHAFER, I Googled:

I told you I just got back from a multiple tooth extraction and am all shot up with Hop. I'm Fred Astaire, and I'm searching every room in the house for Ginger. My wife says she's not Ginger.


Blogger SteveHeath said...

I am visiting Da Dentist in next two weeks to have what is left of my poor beaten down Upper Grill extracted and replaced with one of them Old Dude removable plates.

But my attitude is buoyed by the insistence of the Long Suffering Spousal Unit that once I get my teeth fixed and looking good again, I've likely got another 3-5 (or MORE) years to be HOT.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

after all my remaining (smile-linked visible) upper toothies were yanked out, Dr. Strange installed my new upper denture, and then counseled me about some stuff called Poli-Grip.

I drove home all shot full of Legal Dentist Whacky Woo Shit, and carefully kept my mouth SHUT COMPLETELY CLOSED and mumbled to SWMBO that I can't drink any coffee and must eat only mush for the next three days.

Then hahahaha I opened my mouth.

The bottom teeth still look like crap. (That's Dr. Strange's next project.)

But I was wearing my new upper denture.


I'm totally totally sincerely 100 percent happy I'm married to SWMBO.

But -- wouldn't this be a cool moment to date age-inappropriate babes?

Whoops did I say that out loud?

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Dr. Strange's office is out on the edge of farmland. You can hear chickens out the dental office window.

When it was all done -- and as he had promised, pretty darn painlessly -- I told him how great I thought My New Age-Erasing Smile looked in the mirror.

But I also told him my only complaint.

He had made us a deal on the upper and lower dentures, a deal we could actually afford.

"I was really hoping we couldn't afford your terms. Because if we couldn't afford it here, I was going to spend a week in Budapest as a Cheap Dental Work Tourist. Hey, this town's nice, I do all my shopping here because I can always park. But I was really looking forward to getting my teeth yanked out and new dentures in Budapest."

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

P.S. I've been to Prague twice. But I've never been to Budapest. It's Europe's only other surviving Medieval city. There's a river -- Vistula? who the fuck knows -- but Pest is on one side of the River and Buda is on the other. If you want to give a Hungarian a stroke, make sure he knows you're an American, and when he types

[ESTERHASE] I am from Budapest.

you type:

[HEATHBAR] Kewl! Awesome! Pest or Buda?

(It's not nice to kill Hungarians with IRC words, but that's how to do it.)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

and thank you Steve for leaving a Comment. Did you catch my post on SENTLTE? Am I forever banned from SENTLTE now? giggle

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

SWMBO is in the next room talking to her sister on the phone.

SWMBO: He really looks great. The Dentist used old photos of Bob so he could make the denture look natural. It makes him look ten years younger.


SWMBO: Okay, Susan, it makes him look fifteen years younger.

Blogger Joana said...

Hmmm you have given up on the Lusitanian god? ;)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Not yet! Busy very busy right now -- crap from REALITYLAND!!! The Horror! The Horror! It's suck! (But Wednesday it will still suck, but on one of the fastest trains in America! (We call it the SlowUnreliableIntercityIfYou'reLucky)



Amtrak is national subprivatized "corporation" in charge of killing all passenger trains in USA, a top national priority. Death to trains. Kill the trains, and the goddam passengers too! Ride our trains and die, or become pretty darn sick, uncomfortable, real late, and really angry.

What does Amtrak mean by this AmtrakSpeak phrase:

"Alternative Ground Transportation."

HINT: Very short word.


But you Lusitanians still making any of that garum? I sure would like some garum. Pls advise modern state of ancient garum industry. Pls don't tell me no more garum, sorry, Bob.


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