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13 June 2005

Vleeptron FedEx PizzaQ gOD bLESS mY uNDERWEAR

The United STATES of America currently has 50 states. During my lifetime, it used to be 49. Before that it was 48. It remains Legal to fly American flags with 49 = 7 x 7 or 48 = 6 x 8 or 47 = 47 x 1 or etc. Stars if you are too cheap to buy a new flag or if you have nostalgic feelings about your childhood flag. You can even fly the DON'T TREAD ON MY RATTLESNAKE flag, that's kosher too, it used to be an Official American Flag, today there are lots of them flying outside Biker Gang clubhouses and the homes of Concerned Americans who grow their own electricity and food to be prepared for the day, and it's coming soon, when Alien saucers from Dwingeloo-2 land, or a Liberal Democrat is chosen by the Electoral College.

Want some Pizza?


To the best of my knowledge about the Political Geography of North America, there is only one state which fits this description.

EXTRA CREDIT (pineapple) QUESTION: I just took a short trip into the Future, and most patriotic Americans are flying a New Flag with 51 ( = 3 x 17) Stars. What is (will be) the 51st State?

I only stayed for a few minutes, but someone named Clinton is (will be) the President. Could be Bubba, could be Roger, could be Hillary, could be Chelsea, BUT I AM REALLY HOPING IT'S GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now he lives in a state whose shape is approximately like the human hand, or for a special case of the geography and topology of this state, with both hands. For the more common case, one hand is better, because then you use the index finger of the other hand to point to where you live on the Hand Map to show other people who live in the state whose shape can be approximated by the human hand. Then the other person points to the palm of his or her hand.

If you visit this state for two or three days, you're almost certain to see pairs of people in the mall or on the sidewalk pointing to the palms of their hands, first one person pointing at his hand, then the other pointing at the palm of her hand. I've spoiled it for you now, but just go back in time before you read this, don't read this, and then visit this state, so you can wonder what the fuck all these people are doing pointing at the palms of their hands to each other.

If I can ever solve the raw sausage problem with the crappy free image software called HELLO, my friend Ron sent me faux postage stamps of photos of him making the Hand Map, the One-Handed Hand Map, and the Special Case Two-Handed Hand Map -- which you can't avoid using in certain special cases of where you live in the state whose shape yadda yadda yadda. Although he doesn't in these photos, I would point to my house with my nose. Anyway, he knew I loved the Hand Map thingie of his state, so he made me the Hand Map faux postage stamps, because I love faux postage stamps and make them myself.

Anyway, in the
state whose shape is approximately the shape (but very different scale) of the human hand, he lives HERE,


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