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11 June 2005

Bob is NOT a coprophiliac / the Topic that dares not speak its name (2)

2 pvt e-mails received.

Bob is not a coprophiliac.

This wasn't my idea of a Fun Topic. It was my wife's, SWMBO's. She made a Funny Noise from her office and said: I don't know if I should tell you what I just surfed. Then she e-mailed me the URL.

Counting this one AND the one in the Subject above, I have said it twice. Don't make me say it one more time. There will certainly be no reason to have to say it twice more or more than twice more.

I am hoping all the troubles with Mamagiggle's image and the HTML cooties are over. Perhaps it is NOW SAFE to put Comments on this Topic here. More Comments. If you don't have something new to add to this Thread, just leave this:

This is the first I ever heard of buttonhole bleaching.

Or something like that, a dummy comment that must contain the name of the Topic that dares not speak its name.

Mamagiggle U want pizza or you want a new car or something you can't eat? (Recent novel -- not bad -- about a man who ate a car.)

To me, yours will always be The Face That Made IN and PK crash.

Got the sausage yet?

("O, more tempura!")


Blogger Joana said...


Your homework is late!

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

very busy typing a lot and now across the street my neighbor is setting up for the Tag Sale on his lawn. I JUST BOUGHT A NEW CAR! FOR $2.10 !

Blogger Joana said...

Bob check this out!
What §J§ said about portugal not existing is a lie, it is on the Epicurious web site!

And they mention alheiras!

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Thank God! Thank you so much for last Comment! Obrigado! I had already called my unemployed pilots of my 2nd-hand (previously owned) Concorde, Kevin and Philippe, and told them to warm up the Concorde, we were headin' for Portugal! We were in the middle of the Atlantic when I got *j*s Comment. A very confusing, perhaps even dangerous discussion ensued in the tiny but sexy cockpit about the sudden non-existence of Portugal. Now this new Comment arrives. We cannot fly any more, we had already turned around to return to America thinking that Portugal did not exist. You probably know, the Concorde was badly designed with insufficient gas tanks, so you can't keep turning around in changing your mind, there is not enough gas ever to do this. Now again the price of aviation fuel has risen, and currently with me and my wife $$ is very tight. Otherwise I would be there with you right now drinking the wonderful toast to Liberdad in Bairro Alto (this still re-exists, right?). But soon, soon, I will be in Lisboa. See if you can do anything about the price of aviation fuel on the spot market, this is what is really screwing with my plans to visit you.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

P.S. Philippe asks me to ask: Where is very long runway near you? Portugal best, Espan~a would be okay too, we land and hire a car.

Blogger Joana said...


Blogger Joana said...

Well, Lisbon's airport is a barely 10-minute drive away from my place


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