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26 June 2006

I made the green in 2!!! I dropped the putt! I got a birdieAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

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This is a stale story from mid-May, but just last week I saw TV news film of this golf course, filled again with happy golfers.

Or maybe they weren't happy. Who knows who's happy? Who knows what happiness is?

All I can say for sure is that they were playing golf while, 5 miles off, Mount Merapi was the most violent, dangerous, earthquake-generating volcano on Earth.

I love erupting volcanos.

They love golf.

We have much in common.


Associated Press
Monday 15 May 2006

Play abandoned at erupting
Mount Merapi's golf course

MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia -- The caddies have fled. A pair of cleaning ladies squat beneath the shade of a tree close to the 18th hole. The club's manager sits and smokes, knowing he is in for a quiet couple of weeks.

When dormant, the volcano that gives Golf Merapi club its name is its biggest draw.

Golfers from around the world come for the unique experience of playing on the flanks of a still active volcano, the crater of which is just five miles from the course.

But when the mountain is erupting, it stops play like nothing else.

"I tell people, it is probably safer to stay at home," said manager Sukirman, as the 9,800-foot peak belched out massive clouds of ash and sent searing hot gas clouds rolling down its slopes on Monday.

The club, which is situated just outside the peak's mandatory evacuation zone, is not the only business that is suffering because of Merapi's wrath, which scientists say could last for several weeks.

Scores of guesthouses popular with adventure tourists are now off limits, as are camp sites and restaurants catering for day trippers from Yogyakarta, the nearest city to the volcano.

The peak sputtered into life several weeks ago and activity has steadily increased.

On Saturday, officials hiked its alert status to the highest level, and more than 5,000 people were evacuated from their homes.

Many are staying in temporary shelters close to Merapi Golf.

Sukirman said the caddies that ply the 6,969-yard, par-72 course ran home when a particularly large eruption shook the mountain on Monday. The club closed its gates, and most of its 250 staff were told not to come to work.

"This is the risk of putting a club here," said Sukirman, who like many Indonesians goes by a single name. "When there is an eruption, it can make the future look pretty unclear."

© The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.


Merapi Golf:
Golfing on The Top of Jogja

Merapi Golf: A Golf sitting on 800 meters above sea level, with just the perfect climate and the most breathtaking panoramic view of Mount Merapi with the hinterland of Yogyakarta and the Indian Ocean, is worth trying to play on.

Merapi The Perfect Golf Course

These 18 holes, 6370 meters par 72 course is located only 30 minutes drive from the ancient city of Yogyakarta. The stunning design of MERAPI GOLF COURSE is truly masterpiece of golf course, created by the golf course master: Thomson, Wolveridge & Perrett

The blend of the natural beauty and the freshness of mountainous weather, the challenging hilly landscape with Volcanic rocks of million years makes the golf course one of the most attractive courses in Central Java and difficult to forget.

Each hole is carefully planned and positioned, and is distinctly different with its own difficulties, serving a superb test for clubbing.

The quiet and peaceful surrounding, the spectacularly beautiful view, make the golfers enjoy the game and certainly would not miss this challenging course. This is really the place where golf lovers could play without being bothered by the heat and pollution.

Green Fee:
Weekdays : IDR 150,000 + V.A.T
Weekends : IDR 300,000 + V.A.T
Golf Car : IDR 100,000 + V.A.T (member)
IDR 100,000 + V.A.T (non member)

Golf Equipment, Pro Shop and Restaurant available.

Jl. Golf No. 1 Kepuharjo-Cangkringan
Kab. Sleman, Yogyakarta 55281
Phone: +62 274 896176, +62 274 896177, +62 274 896178
Fax: +62 274 896179
Shortcut URL:

Visit Yogyakarta / Jogja. Copyright © 2003-2006 YogYES.COM.


Blogger Mycos said...

I'll bet a light dusting of fine ash makes a wonderful gauge for the slope of the green. Particularly if you're putting last!

Anonymous Anton said...

Oh man. I haven't had a real game of golf in years. I'm sure the lava traps would prove to be interesting.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Yo Mycos! Hey hey Anton!

My neighbor plays golf in the snow. Before they actually sold colored balls for this purpose, he dyed his own red with his wife's nail polish. He would scoff at a bit of ash and at air laden with sulfurous poisons. He would play Merapi with an O_2 tank in his bag.

Consider the alternative -- those same four hours each day at home with the Missus. The Missus ... erupting volcano ... The Missus ... erupting volcano ... The Mi ...

My grand-niece and her toddler kids live on the edge of a golf course in Florida, and each evening she takes the girls out for a run around the course. And it's often a run, because the course is infested with alligators. (You may have read of my fondness not only for deadly volcanos, but for places where I am Less Than No. 1 on the Food Chain.)

The Menapi Lava Trap Rule: You can either fish the ball out of the lava, or take a 2-stroke penalty and start a new ball.

Hey hey Anton, great to hear from you again! We haven't communicated since Harper took the reigns in Ottawa. SVP send Agence-Vleeptron Presse some scuttlebutt, poop, rumo(u)r etc. about What Harper Running Canada Means To Me & My Buds. (dictionary definition 1. and 2. of "Buds".)

Have you travelled up the coast to see the new wilderness old growth forest reserve with the all-white grizzly bears, the Ghost Bears?

Oh just Leave A Comment about anything.


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