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23 June 2006

Bob is mementarily klooless: PizzaQ

Okay, I give up. 3 Pizza Slices with Tofu. If an ambulance comes screaming around the corner and it has this Red Cross affiliate symbol on it -- WHERE ARE YOU?

Extra pineapple if you can also tell us anything extra about this symbol, what faith or belief system it represents, what the symbology reflects -- any stuff you know.


Anonymous adam said...

Palestine, I'm pretty sure, and it means the ICRC hasn't yet gotten around to giving the workers the red diamond, since while the symbol is meant to show unity between Christians and Muslims, it kinda leaves the Jews (and Hindus, or pagans, or Pastafarians, whoever else) out of the mix.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...


but no pizza yet. i need a citation. a url. proof. i ain't giving pizza away without proof.

Anonymous patproudlyfromCH said...

I have no blasting idea whatsoever. seen that one before though. could well be that this one is not in use anymore (like the red lion). maybe I can find out more about the origins of that little bugger. In the meantime hereßs some histrory on ICRC emblems

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

AHA! Danke! In the URL you sent me, they reproduce this same symbol -- BUT look! The cross and the crescent are separated, there is a white gap between them. In the original Associated Press news story graphic, THEY screwed up, it was All One Continuous Red Thing with no gap. So yeah, I think Adam had the right guess -- it's for ambulances in (Palestinian) neighborhoods which serve both Muslim and Christian customers, and don't want to piss off either.

I will make my necessary drafting corrections.

Hey -- another gap in my History of Yerp, Helvetia, etc. Is this Henry Dunant guy a Very Big Swiss Cheese? Is he like one of your George Washingtons, a nationally beloved and venerated guy?

Or does the average Swissperson say, "Who?"


International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Henry Dunant, Author of "A Memory of Solferino"

Up until the middle of the 19th century, there were no organized and well-established army nursing systems for casualties and no safe and protected institutions to accommodate and treat those who were wounded on the battlefield. In June 1859, the Swiss businessman Henry Dunant traveled to Italy to meet French emperor Napoléon III with the intention of discussing difficulties in conducting business in Algeria, at that time occupied by France. When he arrived in the small town of Solferino on the evening of June 24, he witnessed the Battle of Solferino, an engagement in the Austro-Sardinian War. In a single day, about 40,000 soldiers on both sides died or were left wounded on the field. Henry Dunant was shocked by the terrible aftermath of the battle, the suffering of the wounded soldiers, and the near-total lack of medical attendance and basic care. He completely abandoned the original intent of his trip and for several days he devoted himself to helping with the treatment and care for the wounded. He succeeded in organizing an overwhelming level of relief assistance by motivating the local population to aid without discrimination. Back in his home in Geneva, he decided to write a book entitled A Memory of Solferino which he published with his own money in 1862. He sent copies of the book to leading political and military figures throughout Europe. In addition to penning a vivid description of his experiences in Solferino in 1859, he explicitly advocated the formation of national voluntary relief organizations to help nurse wounded soldiers in the case of war. In addition, he called for the development of international treaties to guarantee the neutrality and protection of those wounded on the battlefield as well as medics and field hospitals.

On February 9, 1863 in Geneva, Henry Dunant founded the "Committee of the Five" (together with four other leading figures from well-known Geneva families) as an investigatory commission of the Geneva Society for Public Welfare. Their aim was to examine the feasibility of Dunant's ideas and to organize an international conference about their possible implementation. The members of this committee, aside from Dunant himself, were Gustave Moynier, lawyer and chairman of the Geneva Society for Public Welfare; physician Louis Appia, who had significant experience working as a field surgeon; Appia's friend and colleague Théodore Maunoir, from the Geneva Hygiene and Health Commission; and Guillaume-Henri Dufour, a Swiss Army general of great renown. Eight days later, the five men decided to rename the committee to the "International Committee for Relief to the Wounded." In October (26-29) 1863, the international conference organized by the committee was held in Geneva to develop possible measures to improve medical services on the battle field. The conference was attended by 36 individuals: eighteen official delegates from national governments, six delegates from other non-governmental organizations, seven non-official foreign delegates, and the five members of the International Committee. The states and kingdoms represented by official delegates were Baden, Bavaria, France, Britain, Hanover, Hesse, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Saxony, Sweden, and Spain.

Anonymous patmadeinswitzerland said...

yup, looks like Adam gets the Pizza. Congratulations !
here's a link (lotsa text though, but you can download the official emblems))
and here's another one on the icrc in israel and the occpied territories (also lotsa text and

oh yes, Henri Dunant is a very very BIG swiss cheese. One of our few National Heroes. We are very proud of him

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

this entire Symbol Proliferation PizzaQ thread has been dragged up from the foetid comment sewers and should be continued hier:


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