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23 June 2006

First Day Issue: Postalo Vleeptron / Symbol Proliferation / 911 or 999 millidwings

Sure, click. Who knows?

I think I've indicated now and then that, in contrast to the orderly Utopia of Vleeptron, its neighbor planets Yobbo and Hoon have a bit of a rough edge to them. They can indeed be a lot of fun to visit, but they're a bit wild, goofy, lawless, anarchic and meshuge.

This is often Good for their music scenes and clubs, not so good always for innocent backpacking tourists who don't know the ropes or don't have a native guide. For an Earth metaphor, think: Kaliningrad. Or maybe contemporary Praha. Or Hamburg, if the rest of it is anything like the neighborhood around the Bahnhof.

The Intergalactic Committee of the Dwingeloo-2 Red Cross also tried to pull that Symbol Proliferation crap, but the Yobbos and Hoons told them to shove it up their Võrkþ. On Yobbo and Hoon, the humanitarian emergency services are a fiesta of symbols festooning their ambulances and emergency relief autogryos. Few of the symbols make much sense to visitors. The $ is pretty obvious, but there was a misunderstanding, and somebody thought somebody was saying "Manet" rather than "Money," so that explains the symbol to the upper right of the $.

As for the symbol to the right of Melanchthon Mouse, the Administrator of Hoon Humanitarian Services delegated the design of their symbol to the teenage hoodlums Lenny and Spike, who volunteer as autogyro rescue pilots, and this was the rather predictable result. By the time complaints about the new symbol surfaced, all 293 emergency aircraft and vehicles had been plastered with the symbol and the budget could not afford to change the symbol.

Any questions about the other symbols, Leave A Comment, or make up your own story.


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