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25 June 2006

Postalo Vleeptron / 1st Day Issue: Henri Dunant / No. 1 in series: Very Very Big Swiss Cheeses

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Okay I hope this image is viewed as Respectful.
Vleeptron does not want to start a new violent Cartoon Riot with the good Volk von CH, one Cartoon Riot per year is more than enough. Having only Today discovered Herr/M. Dunant, Vleeptron is already a Big Fan from what we are reading and learning about him.

Like the USA Postal Service's simultaneous issuing of Young Svelt Exciting Elvis and Old Corpulent Disgusting Elvis, we present the Old and Young Henri Dunant; clearly these are the two most famous and recognizeable Icons of Dunant.

Respectful but also in Vleeptron's slightly verkakte avant-garde Wortspiel kind of way. We hope M. Dunant would appreciate a good joke. And also the design of his Memorial seems to be in the spirit of contemporary Public Outdoor Taxpayer-Subsidized Art by sculptors like Oldenburg.


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