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26 May 2006

getting around in Ciudad Vleeptron

Underway System / Ciudad Vleeptron
Click for clearer & larger


Blogger Jim Olson said... clearly do not have enough to do...

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

You like the map???

My apartment in Ciudad Vleeptron is closest to Shoe Mirrors station, just a short walk from the shopping district of Poortown Parva.

I really have always admired good subway maps, and the good ones all trace to the London Underground draughtsman Beck, who designed the startlingly useful and beautiful Underground map still in use today, back in the 1930s.

This Ciudad Vleeptron map uhhhh sorta is an homage to Mr Beck.

that Russian guy who designed the modern Moscow subway map, on his design site (I put up a link) he shows A Crappy & Confusing Subway Map: Tokyo's.

Blogger Jim Olson said...


The new Boston subway map isn't very lovely either...gone is the "Boston Spider" and replaced by a map that is neither elegant nor useful.

Such is life.


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