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20 April 2006

new rules in the rec room after 10 pm

a teenage party
(image: Vleeptron Ministry of Basement Rec Rooms)

It seems that the Kansas Attorney General was casting his net for a new set of Criminals he could investigate, indict as adult felons, and imprison.

His new set of Criminals are teenagers, and if the federal court had upheld the AG's opinion, most of his fishing catch would be teenage boys, for the crime of having consensual sex with other teenagers, mostly girls.

King Canute took his entourage down to the seashore so they could watch the incoming Tide abruptly turn about and go out again, on the King's Verbal Command.

The Kansas Attorney General thinks he can command teenage girls and boys to stop having sex with one another.

Good Luck, Pops!

Vleeptron is pleased that the federal judge denied that the KAG's self-invented Miracle Teen Sex Medical Record-Seizing Powers ever existed under the law passed by the Legislature in Topeka.

Clearly this is an on-going difference of political opinion in Kansas, between

* those who believe Police, Prosecutors and Prisons can put an end to teenagers going down to the basement rec room after Mom and Dad have gone to bed, turning the lights down low, and feeling each other up, down, left, right, blue and diagonal for hours


* everyone.

Where do they find college-educated people like this hallucinator, and how do they make him the state's top law-enforcement official?

Do teenagers have any sexual privacy? Is Todd doing Tifani? Are they going to tell their rents about it? Can the Police lock up all 290,113 Hot Boys for liking Hot Girls or Hot Boys their own age?

This is one of those Train Wrecks between psychopathic Puritans in positions of authority, and The Way Of The World.


The New York Times
Wednesday 19 April 2006

Judge Blocks Law
to Report Sex Under 16

by Jodi Rudoren

A federal judge ruled yesterday that Kansas law did not require health care workers to report to the authorities sexual activity by people under age 16, invalidating a 2003 opinion by the state's attorney general.

The judge, J. Thomas Marten of Federal District Court in Wichita, said the reporting of consensual sex among similarly aged teenagers would deter young people from seeking medical care and overwhelm the state authorities.

The ruling blocks the attorney general's advisory opinion from guiding the enforcement of Kansas' law requiring the reporting of abuse that causes injury. The opinion suggested that any pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease or request for contraception fell under the law.

The decision by Judge Marten came in a class-action lawsuit on behalf of doctors, nurses, therapists and sex educators. It was the second legal setback in as many months for the attorney general, Phill Kline, and his efforts to restrict abortions in the state.

The Kansas Supreme Court on Feb. 3 limited Mr. Kline's investigation into two abortion clinics by stripping the medical records he had requested of patients' identifying information.

In yesterday's decision, Judge Marten said Mr. Kline's opinion improperly conflated illegal sexual activity -- intercourse, oral sex and lewd touching by anyone under 16 are prohibited in Kansas -- with abuse.

"The opinion wrongly redefines the common understanding of both state agencies and mandatory reporters by denoting all sexual activity to be 'inherently injurious,' " wrote Judge Marten, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton. "The attorney general's overexpansive interpretation of the reporting statute not only fails to serve the public interest, it actually serves to undermine it."

Simon Heller, a lawyer for the Center for Reproductive Rights, an advocacy group that filed the suit, said the ruling could have broad national implications because it was the first to assure adolescents constitutional protection for private communication with health care workers.

Another lawyer for the group, Bonnie Scott Jones, said in a statement, "States cannot be allowed to simply pull up a chair in every doctor's office in the state and listen in on teenagers seeking health services."

Mr. Kline, a Republican, was unavailable for an interview. A three-paragraph statement that he sent by e-mail to reporters largely ignored the substance of the judge's ruling, instead claiming success for defending the constitutionality of the reporting statute, which was not a central question in the lawsuit.

"I have always maintained, and continue to maintain, that the rape of a child harms a child," he said. "When the Kansas Legislature wrote this statute, they unquestionably had the protection of children in mind."

But Judge Marten said that Mr. Kline's advisory opinion was "contrary to a plain reading" of state law.

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Blogger Bob Merkin said...

You have Outed me in front of the world as a dude with serious PEBKAC Issues & Challenges, but mille grazie for your assistance, I will nervously attempt to institute some blog links -- with Londradical the first above all the rest -- over the weekend.

I was so embarrassed that I actually dove into my Dashboard Settings yesterday, but all I got out of the exercise was (to quote Homer Simpson) "DOH!"

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Blogger Jim Olson said...

You can do it, Bob. I figured out how to do such things with my 'blog, the html language is fairly simple and there is always a "go back one step" option if you fnarf it up.

Blogger SteveHeath said...


I hurry through this news story so I can get to what should be at best a salacious and at worst a bit whimsical COMMENTS section.

And I run face first into VLEEPTRON TECH TALK TIEMPO!!!


Now can we get back onto discussing TEENAGE SEXUAL EXPLORATION?

I could tell some stories, but that might lead to you One-Handed Typists hijacking the thread entirely.

So I'll simply say that I am glad this AG cat in Kansas was not making public laws and rules in late 70s Texas....


Steve in Clearwater by way of DFW TEXAS

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

too bad the clinton-appointee federal judge ruled against the Kansas AG. If the Kansas AG had prevailed, then all the medical records of the teenagers about their sexual experiences would have become public evidence for the one-handed web surfers.

Blogger Jim Olson said...

Yep, writing from Outer Dorkistan here. We are a three operating system household. I have two Apples (an iBook and a first-generation Mini) and Husband has both a PC (that he built himself) and my old PC now converted to Linux.


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