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16 April 2006

une nuit dans Beyrouth

Pigeon Rock, a famous seaside
site on the Mediterranean near
Beirut/Beyrouth, rumored to be
one of the most fascinating,
exciting cities on Earth.
(Clicking might make it
larger and prettier.)

Droog4 has another Internet Relay Chat relapse, and drops in on an Undernet chatroom called #Lebcafe

I'm going to make a very rigid and strict attempt to resist all temptations to clean up this messy text. This is 100% just the way everybody typed everything they said. Errare humanum est -- so it should be pretty obvious that (almost) everybody was Human.

asl is a ubiquitous but very rude and crude acronym that means "age sex location" -- How old are you, are you a male or a female, where are you? It's sort of the IRC version of teenagers who say: "cool shoes, wanna fuck?" ctc means "care to chat (privately)?"

tlm is French for "everybody" -- tout le monde.

lol = laugh out loud

Notice so much. This is one of the richest, most informative, most educational sessions I've ever had on IRC.

Though they made jokes about it, notice how offended these folks are at several years now of all being regarded as terrorists by Americans who get their news about the Middle East from CNN and Fox.

About as offended as I get when strangers from Eurasia think that because I'm American, I want to drop bombs on their heads and shove democracy up their butts at the point of a machine gun.

Yes, c'est moi encore, Droog4, using his four or five pathetic languages to bring Peace/Salaam/Shalom/Paix to the World, a continuing outreach programme of NGO Vleeptron.

All these Lebanese people in the chatroom were friendly and hospitable, even though they could tell instantly (whether I was lying or not) that I was IRCing to them from the USA. All my experiences with travel and with IRC keep convincing me that no matter what violent craziness the Bush administration rains down on their terrified heads, the whole world loves Americans, our music, our movies, our culture.

They're smart enough to distinguish between Americans and the US government.

After everything Lebanon has been through in the last thirty years, and after the usually dumb and unhelpful way the US government has stumbled through it all, these young people would love to visit America, and would love nothing more than to see a new, positive relationship between Lebanon and the US government.

Read all of this carefully. Nobody's screaming "Kill the Jews!" Nobody's screaming "Death to Israel!" Nobody's screaming "Death to America!"

They recognize they're stuck on the surface of the Earth right next to Israel forever, and they dream of just the right to be reasonably good, peaceful neighbors. They'd like the Israeli government to act like a better, less violent neighbor.

Well ... Res ipse loquitur, Ipse dixit. Read a nice chat with my Lebanese neighbors in Cyberspace.

Welcome To The Best Lebanese PoPuLaR Chann
Have A Nice Time And Stay In Touch
For More Info Visit : http://WwW.LebCafe.OrG


Now talking in #Lebcafe
* Topic is ' Welcome To The Best Lebanese PoPuLaR Chann Have A Nice Time And Stay In Touch For More Info Visit : http://WwW.LebCafe.OrG'
* Set by M|crosoft on Sat Apr 15 23:06:13
-SxyAngel- Welcome to #lebcafe Droog4 !!!
{Droog4} salaam bonjour tlm
* X sets mode: +l 230
{bad--boy} bonjour Droog4
{Droog4} comment ca va badboy
{bad--boy} ca va bien eh toi
{Droog4} ca marche
{bad--boy} e*
{bad--boy} bien :)
{Droog4} pardonez mon francais, it sux
{bad--boy} lol
{bad--boy} mine 2 :P
{Droog4} oh okay we can talk english if you can
{bad--boy} ya i can i was hoping u do :P
{Droog4} well this was lebanon, & i don't speak arabic, so i dragged out my merdy french
{bad--boy} lol
{bad--boy} were r u from
{Droog4} usa, near Boston
{Droog4} et toi?
{bad--boy} am lebanese
{Droog4} in beirut now?
{bad--boy} yup
{bad--boy} have u been here before
{Droog4} only in my dreams/reves
{Droog4} i want to go so bad
{Droog4} how are things there since the syrians left?
{bad--boy} well soo coooool :D
{Droog4} here in usa we don't get real news about lebanon
{Droog4} we get fake news
{Droog4} u know Fox TV News? we call it Faux TV News
{bad--boy} woow 1st person i see talking this way :D all say we'r terrorists :P
{bad--boy} no fox no
{Droog4} i suspect my government has been lying a little ... maybe 30 or 40 people in Middle East are not terrorists
{bad--boy} lo0ol
{bad--boy} a bit less
{Droog4} yes we get a lot of really weird government lies
{Droog4} you get a little more clear if you read newspapers and turn off the TV
{Droog4} or throw the TV out on the sidewalk
{bad--boy} well this is politics
{bad--boy} i dun't like it
{bad--boy} lol ya
{OSS} you have to read the alternate news on the net
{OSS} this is the somewhat right news:)
{Droog4} yes, there is a better Market For Truth on the web if u know how to shop
{OSS} yup
{OSS} i used to watch fox news and laugh hehe
{Droog4} in usa right now, many people think you are some kind of evil spy if you read
{Droog4} these are crazy times
{OSS} and they believe in sperading democracy:)
{OSS} spreading*
{OSS} what a democracy iraq got:)
{Droog4} OSS, it is the mission of the usa to spread democracy on the tip of a red-hot iron poker and shove it up peoples' asses at gunpoint
{Droog4} we call this Foreign Policy
{OSS} hehe
* X sets mode: +o OSS
{OSS} thanx bad--boy
{bad--boy} `deop M|crosoft
* SwtAngel sets mode: -o M|crosoft
{bad--boy} anytime
{Droog4} bad-boy when i get to beirut pls drive me directly to Bekaa Valley
{Droog4} i have friends there
{Droog4} or i want to make new friends there
{bad--boy} am from there :P but living in beirut
{Droog4} well -- that makes you the Perfect Leader of my Expedition
{bad--boy} yup
{Taline} There are 3 kinds of people: those who can count & those who can't.
{Droog4} giggle
{bad--boy} lol
* leelu is now away, Silence is one of the most effective forms of communication (log\on pager\on)
{Droog4} 3 ~= 4 for very large values of 3 and very small values of 4
{OSS} hehe
{Droog4} (calculus joke, 1 of 3
{Droog4} Do not drink and derive. (joke 2 of 3)
{Droog4} i forget the 3rd joke, it was less funny than the first 2
{OSS} keyboard missing press F1 to continue
{OSS} :p
{Droog4} hahaha
{Droog4} you know PEBKAC ?
{OSS} nope whats that?
{Droog4} when the computer tek guy hears your problem, he writes PEBKAC
{Droog4} Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair
{OSS} ah yes
{OSS} hehe
{OSS} but am on a laptop with wireless connection in bed :P
{Droog4} u r on 6 lebanon channs, u must have 2 heads and 6 hands
{OSS} when ur leb its ok:P
* Bella11 has joined #Lebcafe
{OSS} so where from the states are you?
{Droog4} will i get kicked if i wh*re my blog?
{bad--boy} `kb Bella11
* SwtAngel sets mode: +b *!*
* Bella11 was kicked by SwtAngel (Yo mama's so ugly Yo dad first met her at the pound)
{Droog4} i am from the unspellable and unpronounceable state of Massachusetts
{OSS} nice :)
{Droog4} drive west 2.5 hours from Boston, look for blue house, park
{OSS} its better than mississippi
{Droog4} hahahaha
{Droog4} no one gets that one right
{OSS} lol
{OSS} did i ?
{OSS} cause u dunno lol
{Droog4} kids in mississippi could spell it, but they do not go to school there
{OSS} lool
{Droog4} u just memorize: m i double-s i double-s i double-p i
{OSS} my cousin lives in boston
{OSS} have u read that joke about this word
{Droog4} big lebanese community in boston, and some of the best rock clubs r lebanese-american owned
{OSS} some indian trying to spell it
{OSS} yup
{Droog4} i have lost much of my hearing in those clubs
{OSS} well she spent her whole life in pennsylvania where her family in some place near hersheys dont remember lol
{M|crosoft} OSS :)
{M|crosoft} saba7ak ya ashta :**
{OSS} i still remember that cause my cousin used to tell me i live near hersheys
{Droog4} entire state of Pennsyvania = boring
{OSS} hey M|crosoft
{M|crosoft} miss u bro :)
{OSS} saba7o vanilia:p
{M|crosoft} Droog4 hey man :)
{M|crosoft} :P
{Droog4} hi hi microsoft
-X- You're opped by M|crosoft (Sermon) on #Lebcafe
* X sets mode: +o Droog4
{M|crosoft} x o Droog4
{Taline} Droog4 asl plz = 24 f , any interesting :) :P
{M|crosoft} Droog4 how r u man :)
{Droog4} woo woo merci thanks!
{OSS} Droog4 usa is all boring no suspense :P
{OSS} the danger is from within
{M|crosoft} Droog4 noneed brother ..ur welcome :)
{Droog4} right now the world would appreciate Boring
{OSS} the suspense is when u have danger from the outside :P
{M|crosoft} LOOOL
{Droog4} i would love Boring
{OSS} hehe
{M|crosoft} OSS if USA boring what did u left for lebanon
{M|crosoft} Laugh Out Loud
{Droog4} Taline i am verrrrrrrry old, male, usa, all hair, many teeth
{OSS} Lebanon is much better:P
{Droog4} were those the right answers?
{M|crosoft} Droog4 looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
{M|crosoft} OSS ur right :P
{Droog4} oh and tonnes of money taline
{M|crosoft} hope Droog4 to keep us alive :P
{M|crosoft} Be Right Back
{OSS} Droog4 wanna be my friend ?
{OSS} :P
{M|crosoft} brothers..
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} too late, u r already my friend
* bad--boy Out
{OSS} money is a burden
{OSS} leave it to me
{OSS} :P
{Droog4} a demain bad boy
{Droog4} money is an illusion
{OSS} lol
{bad--boy} a demain Droog4
{bad--boy} nice meeting ya
{Droog4} i use it for toilet paper
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} u 2 bad boy i wish you peace and salaam and paix and much boredom
{OSS} so tell me what color u have today Droog4 ?
{OSS} orange red ?
{OSS} the danger colors :P
* HotRod26 has joined #Lebcafe
{Droog4} oh that krazy thing
{OSS} i like this idea lol
{OSS} stupid bush
* BotulEgg sets mode: -b *!*
{Droog4} i think this week the USA Terror Alert is Peche
{Droog4} maybe Mauve
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} or elevated to Fuchsia maybe
{OSS} i own an alternate news website
{Droog4} i could use some alternate news
{OSS} but its been a few month i didnt add any new articles on it
{OSS} no time
{Droog4} here is my screwy blog:
{OSS} i get my news mainly from or
{Droog4} hey hey i got a nosey question!!!
{OSS} shoot
{Droog4} will Lebanon TV broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest this year?

[Vleeptron can't find its post about Lebanon's withdrawal from 2005 Eurovision, so we found another news story about it and have tossed it down at the bottom of this post.]

{OSS} never heard about this
{OSS} whats that ?
* Droog4 prepares to sing beautiful Eurovision Love Song from Malta
{OSS} u will ?
{Droog4} oh you know it's that Big Big entertainment TV show where every country in Europe sings a crappy pop song
{OSS} never heard about it
{Droog4} oh yeah here is Malta song: Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love
{OSS} what station in lebanon broadcasts that ?
{Droog4} also same song from Spain, Switzerland, Germany
{OSS} looooooooool
{Droog4} Lithuania
{OSS} what will uk sing ?
{OSS} :P
{Droog4} Oh they will sing Like Like Like
{Droog4} they are not so passionate
{Droog4} anyway
{OSS} hehe
{Droog4} last year the Beirut station that was supposed to broadcast this Big TV Show
{Droog4} government said Do Not Broadcast
{OSS} our government ?
{Droog4} pulled the plug
{Droog4} yes Lebanon government
{Droog4} you had a singer in the contest too
{OSS} aha any reasons ?
{Droog4} well
{Droog4} uhhhh you know that place south of you?
{Droog4} they have a singer too
{OSS} ah got ya
{Droog4} and Leb government blacked out whole show
{Droog4} in terms of Beautiful Music u r not missing much
{Droog4} but in Europe there's a Huge Audience watching this merde
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} this year The Big Night will be in Athens
{Droog4} because Greek singer won last year's contest
{OSS} so whats ur position on what so called terrorist groups in the middle east
{OSS} ie hamas hezbulla and so on
{Droog4} oh my position
{Droog4} hamas won the election because for 15 years they built a reputation of No Corruption
{Droog4} every penny they collected they spent on Palestinian people
{Droog4} nobody in usa knows or understands this
{OSS} yup
{OSS} no corruption in that group they know what they are doing
{Droog4} so now the usual happens. in 5 or 7 years, hamas will talk peace with israel, just like PLO finally did
{Droog4} this time it is Your Fault, you asked the politics question
{OSS} lol
* BotulEgg sets mode: -b *!*@
{OSS} do they have the right to fight ?
{Droog4} who cares who has a right to fight? pissed-off people will just kill each other, not important if they have a right
* bad--boy has left #Lebcafe
{Droog4} a long time ago i was a soldier -- drafted, you know, conscripted
{OSS} yes
{Droog4} very nice old war for me
{Droog4} nobody need a right to have a war
{Droog4} you just need a kalashnikov
{Droog4} brb, going to take some Happy Pills and smoke a Gaulois
{OSS} ok:)
{Taline} COFFEE.EXE Missing - Insert Cup and Press Any Key
{Droog4} hahahaha
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} lebanese coffee is dark and thick and nasty? or like american coffee or what?
{Droog4} DCC me a tasse svp
{OSS} the thing am asking is that for them its fine when israel attacks but not when palestinians do
{OSS} we drink turkish coffee
{OSS} i drink nescafe
{Droog4} aha okay i will have philippe warm up my lear jet, i be there for the nasty turkish coffee in a few hours
{Droog4} i love that stuff
{OSS} hehe
{OSS} no sugar tasty hehe
{Droog4} damn! philippe says the lear jet is broken, no trip 2nite
{Droog4} anyway
{Droog4} u r talking about silly propaganda from fox and cnn
{Droog4} it is not fine when israelis shoot palestinians
{Droog4} even a surprising number of young israelis know that
{OSS} yup
{Droog4} some IDF soldiers refuse duty in west bank
{OSS} but they make it look like fine
* BotulEgg sets mode: -b *!*
{OSS} some but many go from around the world to server in that army
{OSS} -r
{Droog4} hey, if i was pulling human rights crap like that, i would hire the best public relations experts to make me look nice
{OSS} lol
{OSS} u know Qana massacre ?
{Droog4} you mean 18 and 19 year olds go to israel to join IDF? i was 18 and 19. 18 and 19 yr old males are all stupid and nuts
{Droog4} yes i know this, in South Lebanon
{OSS} in 96
{OSS} israel bombs a un shelter where all ppl of qana were hiding
{OSS} killing almost all
{Droog4} okay
{OSS} usa used vito to rescue israel from the blame
{Droog4} still this is Your Fault for talking politics, but i love politics, it is mother's milk to me
{OSS} thats why i see that politics will never get us anything
{OSS} ppl that are fighting will do much more
{OSS} :)
{OSS} i like it too
{OSS} :)
{Droog4} okay i confess, i am an old usa hippie from the '60s
{OSS} hehe
{Droog4} they laughed when the folksingers sang peace peace peace
{Droog4} who's laughing now?
{OSS} no one is
{Droog4} Jews, Muslims, Palestinians, Druse, Samaritans -- who is laughing at the peace hippies now?
{OSS} i wasnt when they were around :p
{Droog4} we are living at the bottom of 50 years of a total collapse of political leadership all over Middle East
{Droog4} and this is what we get: war war war
{OSS} yup
{OSS} this will keep on like this for at least 20 years more
{Droog4} eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
{Droog4} i just soiled my pants
{OSS} huh
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} 20 more years???
{OSS} yes
{Droog4} maybe not
{Droog4} 1. Bush has got to go
{OSS} i dont see any solution
{OSS} foriegn policy is always the same
{Droog4} no -- look -- it ain't perfect, but Egypt now has normal peaceful full diplomatic relations with Israel
{OSS} and they are stuck with fixing the mess which is unfixible in the time being
{Droog4} and when i was a kid, Egypt was going to go to war against Israel every 15 years
{OSS} dont count on egypt staying like it is now
{OSS} hussni mbarak is old guy
{Droog4} Jordan -- not official, but very cordial friendly relationship with Israel
{OSS} jordan is another deal
{Droog4} oh yeah, you know american phrase "skating on thin ice"? Mubarak is skating on thin ice.
{OSS} in any country in the middle east if the leaders fall down all this will fall too
{Droog4} okay, you win, entire mess is hopeless
{Droog4} sri lanka too
{Droog4} northern ireland
* Droog4 ties rope to ceiling hook
{OSS} looooooool
{OSS} not that much
{OSS} well we should have hope
{OSS} but israelis never showed that
{Droog4} ah, merci
{Droog4} well -- okay -- i guarantee u -- after 50 years of war -- there are lots of israelis who want to find a new way
{OSS} yw
{OSS} i hope so
{OSS} i have nothing against a jewish state if palestinians got the right to live
{Droog4} Old Conscripted Hippie Wartime Soldier knows there are a lot of exhausted israelis
{Droog4} please phone me immediately if they tear down that crazy Wall
{Droog4} i want to help
{OSS} me too
{OSS} but they will kill us both
{OSS} i will be a terrorist
{OSS} and ur family will fire a law sute that will reach nowhere
{OSS} :P
{Droog4} hmmm ... you know ... the things you are saying about the Middle East ... these are like things EVERYBODY believed about Soviet Union and Western Euro countries in 1985
{Droog4} there would be hate and hostility forever
{Droog4} it would never end
{Droog4} and then in 4 months, it all just evaporated, vanished
{Droog4} i was in Prague "before" and "after"
{OSS} yup
{Droog4} it is like the darkness went away and the sunshine came out
{Droog4} people happy
{OSS} but look at them now
{OSS} they wish ussr comes back
{Droog4} i don't know how that magic could happen in Middle East, but it was a complete surprise to the world when it happened in Europe
{OSS} they economiicly fell down
{Droog4} well, okay, Czech Republic, NOBODY wants USSR back
{OSS} not all
{OSS} but what i mean is that it came with a price
{OSS} a big price
{Droog4} other places ... not so well educated ... yes, they miss the old Kommissars
{OSS} :p
{OSS} hehe
{Droog4} even economics arguments don't answer everything -- Beirut despite war and civil war has been a very prosperous wealth center
{OSS} yup
{OSS} now it aint
{OSS} but only for one reason
{OSS} corruption
{Droog4} but it is very resilient, and after lebanon adjusts to the Syria vacuum, beirut will quickly be prosperous again
{OSS} the Harriri way of dealing with issues led us to this
{OSS} i hope so
{Droog4} ah now you have driven the taxi into local stuff i am clueless about
{OSS} Harriri lead the lebanese government after the war
{OSS} in almost all the 15 years
{OSS} at least 13
{OSS} he was killed in 2005
{Droog4} oh the car bomb
{OSS} his death lead to syrian pullout
{OSS} yes
{Droog4} have the syrians REALLY left?
{OSS} he way of paying like 8 billion dollars for a road the costs 1 billion for example led to this downfall
{OSS} yes they did
{OSS} his way*
{Droog4} ah, this is the way my Massachusetts politicians build new highways
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} we invented this way of road-building
{OSS} maybe h taught them:P
{OSS} ah they taught him:P
{Droog4} no no not possible, we invented it
{OSS} lol
{OSS} in lebanon u cant do anything alone
{OSS} everyone wants a share
{Droog4} wait i think i know this word, is this baksheesh?
{OSS} and he used to give these shares out
{OSS} yup
{OSS} but a big big bakhsheesh
{Droog4} usa english has several translations for baksheesh
{OSS} bakhsheesh=tip
{Droog4} we are familiar with these concepts
{OSS} but within a country the size of a city in the states corruption on a big level would lead to huge problems
{Droog4} ah come visit here, i will show you nice big cities in usa that collapsed in corruption 20 years ago and are now as dangerous as baghdad
{OSS} waw
{OSS} heh
{Taline} Ethernet (n): something used to catch the etherbunny
{OSS} looooooooool
{Droog4} okay so maybe u don't die because u r muslim or jew or christian -- but you are just as dead over drug gangs
{OSS} i understood that
{OSS} this is as worse as the rest
{Droog4} i'll tell u a success story
{OSS} ok
{Droog4} amsterdam has 28 mosques
{OSS} ki
{Droog4} the mayor of amsterdam is a jew named cohen
{Droog4} everybody gets along in respect most of the time
{OSS} k
{OSS} thats good
{Droog4} i go there all the time
{Droog4} of course it is Mecca For Old Hippies
{OSS} hehe
{Droog4} Egyptian Muslim restaurant guy tells me:
{OSS} there is no poblem between jews and moslims
{Droog4} well first he points at Israeli/Jewish restaurant across street
{Droog4} and he says:
{OSS} ok
{Droog4} "We don't love each other. But we all moved here because here, our kids don't have to kill each other every 20 years."
{Droog4} same in Detroit USA -- Muslims, Jews, Christians all go to same schools, nobody ever stabs or shoots, they are all studying to go to university
{OSS} as i said
{OSS} there is no problems between religions
{OSS} its the problem between ppl hiding under these religions
{OSS} they are the problem
{Droog4} yeah, but when you say your politics were inspired by G*d ... who can argue with your politics if they came from G*d?
{OSS} and moslims considers jews as a holy religion same as christianity
{OSS} its zonionism which is the problem
{Droog4} People Of The Book -- Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians
{OSS} Zoro who ?
{Droog4} i dunno, followers of the Prophet Zoroaster
{Droog4} u got to Google
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} but they are one of the religions Islam respects as "People Of The Book"
* Ruffo has joined #Lebcafe
{OSS} but we say
{OSS} People Of The Book -- Jews, Christians,Muslims
{OSS} :)
* Ruffo has left #Lebcafe
{OSS} hmm never heard that
{Droog4} not my fault there aren't very many Zoroastrians
{Droog4} i have an alibi
{OSS} hehe
{Droog4} okay i see middle east slightly different from u
{OSS} sure u have to
{Droog4} i think the whole mess is what the Euro Colonial Countries screwed up and left behind -- England, France
{Droog4} also Germany spent a lot of time making mess in Middle East
{OSS} yup
{OSS} thats true
{Droog4} of course my USA CIA has been merrily interfering in same way
{Droog4} and Russia
{OSS} now we have the american colonial:P
* HotRod26 has left #Lebcafe
{OSS} true
{Droog4} you been reading about new anti-american left-wing regimes popping up all over South America?
{Droog4} USA thought we had a Lifetime Forever Guarantee that all countries in South America would dance to our music
{Droog4} now 3 countries have changed, and are closer to Castro than to Washington
{OSS} yu[
{OSS} true
{OSS} communisism is winning again in a place much closer to the state
{Droog4} so all usa's power and muscle -- there are limits to how we can bully the world around
{OSS} states*
{OSS} things never last forever
{OSS} the world is on a constant change of power
{Droog4} i just hope that the next phase of history will be another Experiment With Peace and Respect
{OSS} i doubt that
{OSS} hehe
{OSS} peace and respect doesnt gain leaders more power
{Droog4} look, i spend 6 or 7 months of every year living in my own little Hippie Utopia
{Droog4} no guns
{Droog4} no clothes
{OSS} where is that ?
{Droog4} uhhhh another planet
{Droog4} but i spend as much time as i can there
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} in an emergency, amsterdam is a lot like my Utopia
{OSS} does the whole world fit in there ?
{Droog4} well ...
{Droog4} Once Upon A Time ...
{Droog4} from Spain to India ...
* X sets mode: +o M|crosoft
{M|crosoft} x o
{M|crosoft} Thanks For The OP X ~*¤§{M|crosoft Script}§¤*~
{Droog4} Muslims, Arabs, Jews all lived in respect, peace, cooperation
{Droog4} for 1,000 years
* M|crosoft changes topic to ' Welcome To The Best Lebanese PoPuLaR Chann Have A Nice Time And Stay In Touch , For More Info Visit : http://WwW.LebCafe.OrG'
{OSS} under what rule ?
{Droog4} oh you know, those guys who used to mostly be Caliph of Baghdad
{OSS} just making a point :P
{Droog4} i used to know their family name, they made me pass the test in history class
{OSS} lol
{OSS} there were the abassiyin
{OSS} oumawiyin
{Droog4} YES!!!!!
{OSS} and so on
{Droog4} thanks, that test was a lonnnnnnnng time ago
{OSS} that was the golden age of islam
{OSS} when hospitals were invented
{Droog4} jews remember those same times as a golden age
* X sets mode: -o M|crosoft
{OSS} and inventions were made
{M|crosoft} x -o
{OSS} algebra .......
{Droog4} oh yes, and chemistry and astronomy
{OSS} but europe was in its dark ages
{Droog4} yes yes
* Aretina19 has joined #Lebcafe
{Droog4} only 5 percent of Europeans then knew how to find their ass to scratch it
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} every star in The Big Dipper is still called by its Arabic name
{OSS} church used to sell u a place in heaven :P
{OSS} yup
{OSS} thats why commuinism flourished
{Droog4} and then finally they were so unjust and cruel, the churches came back as spiritual and political leaders
{OSS} :)
* leelu sets mode: +b *!*ulietHBVh@
* Aretina19 was kicked by leelu (I'm too lazy to give you a real kick message ·143·)
{Droog4} hahaha
{OSS} brb
{Taline} OSS ok
{Droog4} taline u r female? male?
{Droog4} Other?
{leelu} what about a bot?
{Droog4} ewwwwwwwwwwww
{leelu} :P
{Droog4} my mother would kill me if she knew i was dating a bot
{leelu} but with long legs
{Droog4} hiya leelu
* leelu is away, Silence is one of the most effective forms of communication (1h 26m 51s ago)
{leelu} hi:)
{Droog4} well some female here asked me asl and when i wasn't Tom Cruise, she stopped chatting with me
{Droog4} i have to stop answering honestly
{leelu} asl?
{leelu} ctc?
{Droog4} haha
{leelu} wow
{leelu} kewl
{leelu} I love it
{leelu} asl pls?
{leelu} bwahaha
* Droog4 is now known as RchrdGere
{Taline} RchrdGere, i thing u use old nickname better than new nickname
{Taline} Bad command. Bad, bad command! Sit! Stay! Staaay..
* leelu is now known as Julia Roberts
{leelu} :P
{RchrdGere} hahaha
{leelu} pretty"match"
{RchrdGere} Pretty Woman! We Meet Again!
{leelu} oh my
{leelu} hold me tight
{RchrdGere} if i held you any tighter i will squish you like tube of toothpaste
{leelu} LOL
{leelu} RchrdGere psst psst
* RchrdGere listens to every word
{leelu} try to imagine that Im blonde
{OSS} back
{leelu} 'coz my english sux
{RchrdGere} could u be redhead?
{leelu} wel
{leelu} actualy my hair is red
{leelu} :S
{RchrdGere} freckles also, i love freckles
* OSS gets some red paint
* SuBwWoOofFeR has joined #Lebcafe
{OSS} RchrdGere she can be red
{OSS} :P
{leelu} but my neurons are not that grey in this lang
* SuBwWoOofFeR has left #Lebcafe
{RchrdGere} yay! she became a redhead!
{OSS} redheads are hot
{OSS} flameeeeeeeeeeeeeee
{OSS} hehe
{RchrdGere} u should give your English Professeur some chocolate, your English is Excellent
* Lara29 has joined #Lebcafe
* AlJnouBi has joined #Lebcafe
* leelu sets mode: +b *!*
* Lara29 was kicked by leelu (Trying to establish a new kick record... ·144·)
{RchrdGere} certainly plus bon k mon francaise
{leelu} mon Dieu
{RchrdGere} mon Dieu, ton Dieu, leur Dieu ..........
{leelu} lol
* leelu is lost @Dieu
{RchrdGere} le Dieu Perdu
{leelu} c`est la vie,,,
{leelu} well
{leelu} Im sleepy
{RchrdGere} brb, il faut fumer le Gaulois
{leelu} pa pa
{RchrdGere} bon nuit leelu
{leelu} I want one too
{leelu} omg
{leelu} pls pls
* RchrdGere DCCs Gaulois au leelu
{leelu} are my fav but in my stupid country I can`t find em
{leelu} Gaulois blondes ciggarette internationale
{leelu} :D
{leelu} comercials
{RchrdGere} quel dommage, you will just have to do with Bekaa Valley fumable substances
{leelu} nice to meet ya
{leelu} but I had night shift
{leelu} I want to sleep
{leelu} :*
{leelu} hv a nice chat
* leelu hands ya some TNT
{RchrdGere} hey leelu merci, mais je prefer Semtek ou Plastique
* leelu is away, Silence is one of the most effective forms of communication (1h 40m 5s ago)
{leelu} enjoy it:)
{RchrdGere} oh god when i was a kid and they left me alone in chemistry laboratory ...........
* RchrdGere shows lulu Big Hole in the floor
* AlJnouBi brb 2 min
* AlJnouBi has quit IRC (Quit)
{RchrdGere} hey TLM salaam paix peace, i have to sleep now
{OSS} RchrdGere
{RchrdGere} OSS
{OSS} what do u do in life if i may ask:)
{RchrdGere} was a newspaper guy, now suis romanceur
{RchrdGere} (i love that word)
{OSS} lol
{leelu} lol
{OSS} you were a journalist ?
{RchrdGere} yes, and still a little
{OSS} cool
{OSS} and when ur heading to utopia ?
{RchrdGere} here, i wh*re my blog encore ... visitez, leave a comment:
{RchrdGere} Vleeptron is my Utopia Planet
{OSS} i liked it
{RchrdGere} where i have my little holiday house
{OSS} how many visits does it get /day ?
{RchrdGere} oboy i dunno, i am hopeless as a tek dweeb
{RchrdGere} BUT
{RchrdGere} the BBC Radio World Service phoned me in february because of the blog
{RchrdGere} and put me on the phone
* bad--boy has joined #Lebcafe
* X sets mode: +o bad--boy
{OSS} cool
{RchrdGere} re badboy
{bad--boy} RchrdGere
{RchrdGere} got a little respect from Wife that day
{bad--boy} how's the cinema with ya
{OSS} loooooo
{OSS} lol
* leelu sets mode: -bb *!* *!*ulietHBVh@
* RchrdGere puts on DVD of Brokeback Mountain
{OSS} i bet it wasnt from just the blog :)
* bad--boy sets mode: -b *!*
{RchrdGere} when BBC does not phone, she makes me carry out the garbage and do the dishes
{OSS} i can phone u and be the bbc guy :P
* Sharon10 has joined #Lebcafe
{RchrdGere} no, she is smart, she knows when it is a trick
{OSS} hehe
{RchrdGere} you need a very good London accent
{OSS} i can manage to do that
{OSS} i hope lol
{RchrdGere} hahaha
{RchrdGere} hard to fool her, i have tried
* X sets mode: +o M|crosoft
{M|crosoft} x o
* leelu sets mode: +b *!*amitaJhrx@
* Sharon10 was kicked by leelu (Don't let the door hit you on your way out ·145·)
{M|crosoft} Thanks For The OP X ~*¤§{M|crosoft Script}§¤*~
{OSS} lol
{OSS} hmm i have lots of friends in london:P
{RchrdGere} do not eat the food! it is poison!
{OSS} :P
* RchrdGere is now known as Droog4
{Taline} Droog4, ,i love u old nick..
* Droog4 squirts WD-40 into taline's armpits
{Droog4} sweets for the sweet, silicon for the silicon
* leelu sets mode: -b *!*amitaJhrx@
{M|crosoft} x s
{M|crosoft} x rem TheHardDisk
{OSS} lol
{Droog4} okay VRAIMENT i must sleep maintenant
{Droog4} dormir
{Droog4} bon nuit, a demain TLM
* Droog4 vanishes
* JOHN^1985 has joined #Lebcafe
* Disconnected


Al Bawaba
29 March 2005

Lebanon Officially
Withdraws from Eurovision

As international attention has been focused on the pull out of Syrian military troops from Lebanon, another type of "withdrawal" has dramatically taken place involving a beautiful Lebanese rising star, politics and music -- Eurovision.

Lebanon has withdrawn from the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, after refusing to show the Israeli entry on Lebanese TV channel Tele-Liban. The channel told the European Broadcasting Union that Lebanon's legislation made it nearly impossible to broadcast the Israeli performance. This puts in breach of contest rules, which state all countries taking part must show the entire event.

Lebanon was expected to take part for the first time in the contest this year.

According to the Eurovision’s official website, Tele-Liban has confirmed to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) the withdrawal of Lebanon from the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (ESC 2005) to be hosted in Kiev by NTU, the national Ukrainian broadcaster, on 19 and 21 May.

Lebanon would have been represented by talented singer Aline Lahoud representing it in the semi-final in Kiev on May 19.

Eurovision's executive supervisor Svante Stockselius told Eurovision website ESC, "When we told them (Lebanon) they had to broadcast the entire program, they decided to withdraw from the contest."

"I feel particularly sorry for Aline Lahoud." Aline Lahoud

Aline Lahoud was born in 1981. She grew up in an artistic family. Her mother Salwa Katrib is a famous singer and her father Nahi Lahoud is a well-known producer. Her uncle Roméo Lahoud is one of the most famous musical directors and composers in the Arab world.

Tele-Liban will still have to pay the participation fee for the contest and faces a further fine for withdrawing. The channel had originally said it would take part in December 2004, meeting a deadline by which all countries had to confirm their participation.

Lebanon would have been one of three newcomers to this year's contest, the other two being Bulgaria and Moldova. The final will be held on May 21, with a record 39 countries taking part overall.

The affair actually began several weeks ago after the official Lebanese website set up for the competition avoided any mention of Israel. Eventually, Lebanese broadcaster Tele-Liban found a creative solution by removing the names of all participating countries from the site. However, the EBU sought assurances that the upcoming contest would be broadcast in full, including the Israeli song.

Shiri Maimon, 24, will be representing Israel in the upcoming Eurovision, singing a song called "The Quiet that Remains."

Tele-Liban was apparently unable to provide the assurances requested by the EBU and Lebanon subsequently withdrew from the popular music competition.

According to the ESC rules, all national broadcasters of the countries taking part in the Contest must broadcast the entire event, comprising two live televised shows -- a Semi Final and a Final.

Lebanon's withdrawal of its Eurovision entry is not the first time that Israel has affected Arab countries' entries into various global contests.

A Miss Lebanon once dropped out of a Miss Universe pageant after she refused to be photographed with Miss Israel. In 1978, the Jordanian broadcaster showed pictures of flowers when the Israeli participants took to the stage, avoided any mention of Israel's win in the competition and announced second-place Belgium as the winner.

Tele-Liban's head, Ibrahim Khoury, confirmed the decision to pull out, telling The AP that Lebanon was unaware of the presence of an Israeli participant when it confirmed its entry in December.

"Lebanon is in a state of war with Israel. If the Israeli contestant wins, we would have to show the celebrations," Khoury said. He added that Lebanon would also be obliged to air the Israeli website on which viewers could vote for the Israeli participant. "I cannot do this," he said.

Khoury said the decision to withdraw was "painful," particularly as Lebanon was participating with a talented contestant.

Jad Rahbani, a Lebanese musician who composed the song Lahoud was to sing, said the withdrawal from Eurovision was "another blow" for Lebanon. Aline was to perform the song "Quand tout s'enfuit" (When everything escapes) for the upcoming contest.

"I'm very disappointed," Rahbani said.

In the late 1990s, Aline began her professional career as a singer and actress. Under the supervision of Mrs. Hélou and Mrs. Haddad, Aline studied singing and dramatic art. After graduating from school, she enrolled in St. Joseph University IESAV (Institut des Etudes Scéniques et Audio Visuelles). In 2002, she obtained a BA degree in Communication Arts with a major in Screenplay and Directing Studies.

Aline had participated in several plays as well. She was awarded the Special Award Trophy of the FIDOF (Fédération Internationale de l’Organisation des Festivals) during the Megahit Festival in Turkey in September 2004 as well as the ‘Murex d’Or’ trophy. Apart from singing, Aline Lahoud has directed several short films and studied modern ballet and jazz dance.

© 2005 Al Bawaba


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