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20 April 2006

Convoy in Galaxy Dwingeloo-2

Happy 20 April 2006


Anonymous Libby said...

Oh. You started celebrating early didn't you? That's psychedelic but where's the itinerary? B-}

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oho,Dude,Happy 420.Does it move?I thought I saw it move,lol.Fran in Ellensburg

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

goddam it Fran, why r u so Anonymous & Linkless? Do you have a blog? If I could click to your blog, this weekend I could post a Link to your blog on Vleeptron.

Don't believe all those Fox things you've heard about being cyberstalked, it can actually be a delightful experience.

Anyway, I know how to make a Wiggling .gif, so maybe I will make it move. But ... uhhh ... if you thought it was moving ... uhhh Fran ... what ya been smokin or ingestin, huh? Is Ellensburg in Northern California?

Okay, who said this?

Eppur si muove!

And what's it mean? (1 slice, 0 anchovies)

and now, for everybody in the Melkweg and Dwingeloo-2 Galaxies, here's the Scorecard. (You can't tell the players without a scorecard.)

* cherry and tiger space-filling molecules at top:
THC / tetrahydrocannabinol

* center grey molecule with red (Oxygen) atom:
thujone, the Fun Molecule in Absinthe

* ball and stick molecule at bottom left:
atropine, the Fun Molecule in belladonna, datura, etc.

* small purple space-filler:
MDMA / 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstacy)

large purple space-filler:
LSD-25 / d-lysergic acid diethylamide
(the S is from the German for acid = Sauer, a Helvetian guy invented it on a bicycle)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

(from e-mails on the drugwar List)


Psychedelic Bob. But I think I need a flight plan to
get on that ride. Happy 420.



Gee ... I haven't been accused of being Psychedelic in ... decades!



LOL. Well you're way overdue to be accused of
psychedelia then...



oh doh i think i figured out who Fran is doh


(slow, melancholy intro)

why'd we have to get so hip?
why'd we have to take that trip? honey --
you look dumb in dungarees and so do I
go put on your nicest dress
and I'll put on my tie

here's why ...

(mildly animated major key Lawrence Welk 2/4 polka)

i'm tired of rock n rollin
let's get married honey
let's go bowlin
throw away our pot & acid
spend the weekend at lake placid
it's hard to live in this town when you're Strange
why don't you and i get Normal for a change

what say you and I get Normal
it don't have to be that formal
we'll just sit and watch TV like others do
we'll eat meat and mashed potaters
cut our hair so folks don't hate us
life is nuts enough just livin' here with you

it's gonna change us honey
from now on we'll just be once-a-weekers
it's gonna change us honey
even musically
buy our records through the mail
(almost unintelligible, thru lousy speakers:)
buy a set of lousy speakers

so if you'll beg my pardon
i'll go out and start a garden
it'll just be small potatoes
just some lettuce and tomatoes
and if anything comes up
we'll join the Grange
why don't you and i get Normal for a change

life is nuts enough just livin' here with you
it's true
livin' here with you and my bobby mcgoo

"Normal" Copyright (c) Cenazoic Era by Martin Mull

Blogger Bob Merkin said...


all over Ciudad Vleeptron, the Emergency Klaxons are blaring:

"The Inner Mounting Flame"
by the Mahavishnu Orchestra
John McLaughlin (guitars, composer) et alia

Anonymous Fran said...

Well damn,just got this puter crap,now you want me to get a blog.Granny meets the 21st century head on.I can't even send a photo yet.My only link is My parrot rescue is now 501 3c.
Yeah i was pretty painless when i checked this out.There is a lawyer here that looks just like Martin Mull,lol. Hey Bobby boy,Ellensburg,Central Washington state.Put an ex across the state i am almost dead center.but in my own universe


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