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NGO_Vleeptron (aka "Bob from Massachusetts") recently featured LIVE on BBC WORLD SERVICE, heard briefly by Gazillions!!!

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20 April 2006

Coglione d'Oro / Golden Testicle Awards


Blogger Londradical said...

hi Vleeptron,
it's Londradical on Earth here. I published your letter, linked you among my links ("northampton") and mentioned again today, but I don't see any link to my blog in your blog.
don't you know good manners, on Vleeptron, or are you simply stoned?
yours coglionly,

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

None of the above! (Or maybe one.)

But more pathetic than these choices -- I haven't been able to figure out how to post Linked Blogs! Do you know how? If you can talk me through it, you'll be the first!

But actually I have exquisite manners. Thanks for the link on Your End! Now teach me how to do it on My End!


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