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18 April 2006

cautionary tale

Source: Ottawa Citizen (Ontario Canada)
Copyright: 2006 The Ottawa Citizen

'Holy crap dude,
you just got hit by a train.'

RED DEER, Alberta Canada -- The metal gods were smiling on Jesse Maggrah.

The 20-year-old man was walking beside railway tracks on Sunday, the Norwegian heavy metal band Gorgoroth cranked on his portable CD player, when he was hit by a freight train.

Mr. Maggrah said he did hear the blast of the train horn just before he was hit, but it was too late to react.

"It was just instant. I was just walking and then I was on the ground," he said from his Red Deer hospital bed. "I wasn't sure what happened. Then I saw the train stopping up ahead. I thought, 'Holy crap dude, you just got hit by a train.'"

Police say the engineer and conductor on the northbound Canadian Pacific Railway train saw the man on the tracks several kilometres south of Red Deer. The crew blew the whistle and attempted to stop, but they were only able to slow the train to about 50 kilometres per hour before
hitting him.

Mr. Maggrah was thrown four to five metres by the impact and broke several ribs.

Mr. Maggrah was walking into Red Deer to watch a band jam night at a local club. He said he didn't hear the train over his music and he didn't feel anything through the ground.

"Maybe the metal gods above were smiling on me and they didn't want one of their true warriors to die on them. Otherwise, I'd be up there in the kingdom of steel."

- 30 -

From the Gorgoroth website:

This eternal accusation against Christianity I shall write upon all walls, wherever walls are to be found - I have letters that even the blind will be able to see... I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and small enough, - I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human race...


Anonymous patfromtheeternalshadow said...

just 4 info: the link is not working for some reason. here's the correct url:

(good grief, now here's a band who is taking this Lord Of The Rings thing way too serious. They all bloody look like orks and they even managed to get Gollum as their singer (if you DARE listen to the "audio" sample). No horror, just horrible.
Poor kid. What a shame to have your 15 minutes that way. Being hit by a train while listening to Death Metal. Just wait till he tunrs 40 and his kids want to hear the story...

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

that's not the real train victim in my little cartoon, just some guy who got returned when I Google_Imaged "iPod listening". I erased a cow from his t-shirt and substituted the "Golgor" logo from the website. He's about to be run over by a very popular TV character for 5-year-olds, Thomas the Tank Engine. In the original English version of TTE, Ringo Starr narrates; in the American version, George Carlin (see previous post about his famous 7 Words) narrates.

You're very brave! I didn't have the nerve to click on the Golgoroth Song Samples. Maybe I was afraid I might get run over by a train.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Why do I keep spelling Gorgoroth wrong??? It was just Easter -- Happy Easter -- so I must have Golgotha floating around in my brain.

Anonymous patfromthedarkside said...

Well that's a Freudian Versprecher for you, Golgoroth and Golgatha, the Master would be very pleased indeed !!! (2006 is also a Freud Year, just in case you haven't nociced yet) (g)


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