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15 April 2006

will it wiggle for you? it wiggled for me. Small PizzaQ (2 slices)

Well anyway I hope it wiggles. Maybe try clicking.

I stole it from a science teacher at a Christian school.

So, like -- What Is It?

Be specific. The answer is NOT:

An animated cartoon
of something that has
something to do with The Sun.

Tell Vleeptron EXACTLY what this is. Vleeptron, as always, will be the Sole & Final Arbiter of whether you were Too Vague.

Sometimes human beings can be So Fucking Smart that it just makes me terribly proud to be able to claim I'm a human. I am Albert Einstein's 37,914th cousin, by marriage.

Not so much of that Proud Stuff the last few years. This year we got Fatal Cartoon Riots. And Rumsfeld.

The buzz about Avian Flu is that we're going to need some Very Smart Human Beings to pull our asses out of that one. Will we find them? Have our schools been the best they could be recently? Will we use the Smart People wisely and well?

2006 just doesn't seem to be the Global Celebration of Human Smartness that other past years seem to have been.

This is a very Footshooting Year all over the fucking planet. We take a large caliber pistol, shoot ourselves in the foot, and then keep doing it over and over again, or maybe the other foot, or maybe one of the waiter's feet.

GFY 2006
The Global Footshooting Year
"Because It Feels Right"

But this Thing -- this is Just Nothing But Human Smart. This is Concentrated Smart on a Stick.

For pepperoni, mushrooms and double anchovies, tell me Everything You Know about the Human Being who Did This Smart Thing.

And then I'll tell you what I know. (Much of which is probably wrong. You did know that about Vleeptron, n'est-ce pas? We're about 37% Full Of Crap. We rarely lie, but we're Lazy, and our Wet Memory -- well, it's pretty spectacular, but not foolproof.)


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