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16 November 2005

Bob (avec l'assistance du Robot de Tradacteur) ecrive au Farid le Deportee

I don't know exactly what Farid du France
looked like when he landed at San Francisco International Airport, but I've known of Farid's activities in France and Europe for a long time, and I suspect he looked a bit like Tommy Chong, or perhaps he was just wearing a t-shirt that said


or None Of The Above. Entering the USA these days and showing Homeland Security a

(1.) French passport

with a name like

(2.) Farid ...

he's lucky he's not doing a few years at the terrorist detention camp in Guantanamo, Not Exactly Cuba. This week, if he was also carrying a

(3.) cigarette lighter ...

This seems to have been the first time (premier fois) Farid visited les Etats Unies. I hope it's not the last time (dernier fois) he tries.

But for next time (prochaine fois), I wanted to offer him some Makeover Advice. So I Google Image Searched "Baptist Convention," and Lo! came back with this gentleman, whose photo I saved as "straightguy.jpg." If Farid will just adopt this costume, he will have a lot less difficulty getting to the big-ass drug decriminalization convention. (Some major drug policy reform leaders think we should all look like straightguy.jpg all the time anyway. At least those of us in the reform movement who are male.)

Mon francais sux. Mais j'ai toujours mon ami de Robot de Traducteur (!

Salaam/Salut Farid --

j'ai postee ton memoir "Wellcome to USSA" en mon blog

comme "cauchemar en San Francisco"

dacors? Merci. SVP visitez Vleeptron et Leave A Comment.

Bob Merkin
Massachusetts USA

p.s. ton anglais c'est tres plus bon que mon francais.

p.p.s. la prochaine fois, avoir l'air de ceci:


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