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11 November 2005

biochemical origins of Kansas School Board isolated

This is the sequence of the Human Genome where the rare mutant anomaly has been found which turns Kansas residents into idiots. Its discoverer, Dr. Mprzqþø Œ, of the University of Dwingeloo-2, Hoon-Yobbo, used drool collected from all Republican members of the Kansas School Board to isolate the hereditary trait. All members who voted not to force Intelligent Design into the public school science curriculum were found to be entirely free of the trait.

Kansas voters exiting the polls at which the state School Board was elected were also asked to leave drool samples and anonymously reveal how they voted. Those who voted for the winning Intelligent Design candidates were 71 percent more likely to possess the KI4µ (Kansas Idiot) anomaly than voters who opposed the Intelligent Design candidates.

The research was undertaken by the Vleeptron High Non-Junk Science Council to try to discover the causes of the strange behavior of Yobbo teenagers Lenny and Spike, who sometimes hack into Vleeptron's computer and leave lewd, perverse and largely illiterate and embarrassing messages. So far, Lenny and Spike have refused to drool for
Dr. Œ, even though he bought them some tubes of Testor's model cement.

Fooey, it doesn't wiggle for Vleeptron. If it wiggles for you, please Leave a Comment. But I think you can see it wiggle if you click here.

Amazingly enough, this image is free for the filching; its creator gave it to the Internet and renounced all intellectual property rights for it. The "No Copyright Claimed" symbol accompanies the image.


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