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11 November 2005

WWI soldier's choice: charge enemy machine guns or face your own side's firing squad

Perhaps the only way you can see this astonishingly heartbreaking story is on the BBC website's video player. Prayer would probably help. But with divine assistance

Click HERE

then click on: WATCH BBC NEWS IN VIDEO

then at the bottom of the video player page, click on:

Veterans Recall WWI
'Go Over the Top or be
shot for cowardice'

Today is Veterans Day in the USA, Remembrance Day in the UK and Commonwealth nations. Both holidays commemorate the end of World War I and honor our side's soldiers.

There are still some veterans around. The ones on this TV news segment enlisted around age 15. Even cheating like that, they are now very old (but very sharp) men.

This may be the world's last chance to look them in the eye as they tell us about what happened to their fellow young soldiers on the Western Front in France.

This is what one side did to their own young soldiers. Imagine what they did to the enemy.


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