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02 September 2005

Honor Code for cadets at US Air Force Academy

from Wikipedia:

The Honor Code [of the U.S. Air Force Adademy]
and character education

The Cadet Honor Code is the foundation of a cadet's professional training and development. The code itself is simple:

We will not lie, steal or cheat,
nor tolerate among us anyone who does.

At the beginning of the fourth class (freshman) year, every cadet takes an oath to uphold the honor code, and resolves to live honorably. The Honor Oath as adopted in 1984:

We will not lie, steal or cheat,
nor tolerate among us anyone who does.
Further more, I resolve to do my duty
and to live honorably, so help me God.

To reinforce the importance of character and integrity to future officers, cadets are given an extensive character and leadership curriculum. The Academy's Character and Leadership Education Division provides classroom, seminar, workshop and experiential-based learning programs to all cadets, beginning when they enter Basic Cadet Training (BCT), and continuing each year through their last semester at the Academy. The Center’s mission is to facilitate programs and activities throughout all aspects of cadet life that help cadets develop a cadet's internal moral compass.


Blogger Brandon Teoh said...

Bob Merkin,

finally you wrote something which I can understand..

your style of deep-meaning essay kept me wondering that is there any contents within the thin tissue paper?

so, were u cadet too?


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