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09 June 2005

more impending High School Reunion sjit

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6/9/2005 4:43:08 AM

grrrrrr again my Message does not appear grrrrrr who wrote this ##$^*&@^#*@ Reunion software? Did you write this in COBOL?

anyway, if it does show up, please ignore it. Delete it if you can.

I just had a Recovered Memory. When I emerged from the deep hypnotic trance, I clucked like a chicken (Thanks, Fred, for inducing this very valuable trance!), and now I remember the TRUE

Tale of the Age-Inappropriate Person

(a forbidden glimpse
inside the Ladies Room
of the Chevy Chase Women's Club)

Our class was large, and not everyone knew everyone else, or recognizes everyone, or remembers everyone.

It was a very hot summer night, and the Age-Inappropriate Person began to get a little woozy. My bestest Wilson friend Harriet escorted her into the Ladies Room, where she started splashing cold water on her face.

An alumna emerged from a stall, saw the Age-Inappropriate Person's reflection in the mirror, and instantly lost it. She began screaming: WHO ARE YOU??? I DON'T REMEMBER YOU!!! DO I KNOW YOU??? WERE YOU IN OUR CLASS???

The alumna was going Schoolyard because she thought the Age-Inappropriate Person was a fellow alumna who had somehow become 48 much more slowly than herself or any of the other alumnae, maybe by Natural and Fair Means, or by some Unknown and Unfair Artifice and Trickery.

"Relax, fellow member of the Class of '65," said Harriet. "That's just Bobby Merkin's daughter."


Blogger Amy said... graduated in 65? :)


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