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29 May 2005

Meshugineh Bob's 2 Rules for World Peace

Pat's Pub said:

You're right, Bob, everyone should have access to this sugar-coated mindless garbage. But writing to the TV Station would be quite pointless....

Lebanon has a Federal Censorship Law that prevents local media from broadcasting or printing anything of israeli origin or israeli content. (Untill a few years ago the UK had a similar law that was used on the IRA and Sinn Fein.) That's why they chickened out.

Next Peace Plan, please !

You are perfektlich korrektlich, (I know that's wrong, but I like the way it rhymes), and I'm just a dumb American asshat who can't even watch Eurovision's Zaubernacht.

Blame it on Tele Liban's cruel government masters in le Ministre des Asshats in downtown Beirut. And likely they are only doing the enforced bidding of those psycho meatheads in Damascus. And even Syria de temps en temps jumps through Hula Hoops at the bidding of President George W. Bush Jr. and Dr. Condoleeza Rice. And they in turn are puppets of Jesuits and Freemasons. Who answer to the all-men corporate gazillionaires who spend a happy week fishing in the nude every summer at Bohemian Grove, and Rule the World. Above them, the Elders of Zion who simultaneously pull the strings of World Marxism and Wall Street, above them the Angel of Death, above him, der Herr Lieber Gott.

Do you see the fallacy in your Korrektismus? I cannot find the e-mail addie of Bohemian Grove or the Grand Exalted Krigat of World Freemasonry. President Bush does not return my phone calls. Father O'Dennis SJ says, "Well, yes, I'm a Jesuit, but I am sure we do not secretly rule the world, and if we do, I don't know which Jesuit handles that department. I'm sorry. I wish I could help you out more." Roger Smith is never in his penthouse suite atop General Motors World Headquarters in Detroit, or at least that is what the armed security guard in the lobby told me. I don't WANT to talk to the Angel of Death, and der Herr Lieber Gott -- Christ, there are Internet rumors that maybe He does not even exist. Silly people in blogs write e-mails to der Herr Lieber Gott all the time -- you can Google "Dear God".

But answer came there none ...

But Meshugineh Bob got the e-mail for Tele Liban. I can request thousands of my addled Internet Eurovision song-loving pals to Kick Tele Liban in the Shins, to peck their Inboxes to death like a flock of annoyed ducks. e-mail from Andorra. e-mail from Malta. e-mail from UK. e-mail from Helvetia, Caledonia, Lusitania, Dacia, Istanbul, Suomi, Estonia. (I will be blind cc: my Request For Eurasia-Wide e-mail to those Termite whack jobs on Eurovision4ever.)

On the Internet,
nobody has to know
you're really a dog.

When attempting to bring about World Peace:

1. Bother, pester, annoy, badger and lower the Self-Esteem of the Nearest Bureaucrat or Flunky you can find who is remotely responsible for the thing that pisses you off.

2. Responsibility begins with the schmuck you can get on the phone, or who was stupid enough to post his/her e-mail addie. (These people are stupid enough to post the STREET ADDRESS OF A TELEVISION STATION IN BEIRUT!!!)

Although you are perfektlich korrektlich about Where This Dumb Rule came from, it is some guy named Achmet at Tele Liban who physically pulled the plug or Cliquee OFF while Eurovision 2005 was bouncing off satellites from Kiev. He was only obeying orders. This is not his responsibility.

But I can Share My Feelings in Microwave French with Achmet. I can use every manipulative, sneaky verbal skill I know from a long life of bothering bureaucrats and low-level flunkies and toadies and corporate Arse-lichers und Jasagers to bum him out, give him a stomach ache, and make him wonder about the wisdom of the Ministry of Asshats.

You know the old Arab/Irish/SriLankan/
Indian saying:
"309 funerals are enough,
I hate wearing these black clothes,
they make me look fat."

The Lebanese People are as sick and tired of The Fifty Years War as I am. Maybe 35 years ago, they were all Evil Terrorist French-Speaking Muslim Homicide-Bombing Fanatics. (Leave Comment if you wish to know my Feelings about the Freedom-Fighters known as the Irgun and the Stern Gang.)

But that was Then. This is Maintenant. Now they have grown weary -- l'ennui -- of their cousin Nina being blown up by a helicopter rocket, of their Uncle Suleiman being machine-gunned. You know the old Arab/Irish/SriLankan/Nepalese/Serbo-Croatian/
Pakistani/Indian saying: "309 funerals are enough, I hate wearing these black clothes, they make me look fat."

Share Your Feelings with Achmet. He was dumb enough to post his e-mail addie. World Peace begins on the customer side of Fenêtre 4, et commence immediatement aprés Achmet dite: "Next?"

And I am Herr Doktor Sgr. M. Mijnheer Mr Next. I am holding between my thumb and forefinger [Numero 44].

Pat ... you have no idea how Meshugineh I am. I am the Dwingeloo 2 and Melkweg Galactic Poster Child for Meshugineh. Does that translate? Google it, the spelling is genug korrekt, alles will be klar.


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