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29 May 2005

We are all God's Fools. Next question?

Okay, these are the asshats who refused to broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest in Lebanon because according to the Eurovision Rules, they would have also had to broadcast Shlomo & The Kosher Kidz singing their spectacular pop hit, "Ahava Haveevee Ahava L'alom Va-ed." ("I love you Honey I love You Forever and Ever.") You will all love this song when I sing it to you later tonight with my Karaok-e V.4 software. I will turn the volume up to ONZE.

Send these asshats an e-mail. Parlez-vous francais? Well, these asshats all speak French, the French Colonial Authorities took care of that for a few centuries. Their Motto: "Speak French Now, Or We'll Whip and Hang You, You Filthy Little Arab." So write your e-mail in French if you can. This is what you had to spend all those miserable hours in French Class for, with Madame Speigel. This is why your Microwave tells you how to heat up canned ravioli in French. Now it all pays off.

This is sort of serious. It's a major part of the Droog4/Vleeptron Middle East Peace Plan. Lebanon is a rather Nice and amazingly interesting Place with spectacular Mediterranean beaches, and Beirut is a great fucking kick-ass city when it's not all blowing up with artillery and car bombs. Did I mention the Bekaa Valley Hashish Agribusiness Industry? Lebanon is right on top of Israel, they are neighbors, and Genug Already with the Fifty Years War.

Time for a Group Hug. And Peace/Paix/Shalom/Salaam begins with the Eurovision Song Contest.

Oh. You thought Peace would come to the World when all the nerd intellectuals thought it was a good idea.

This is nicht korrect. Falsch.

Peace will come to the World when the TV Termites think it's a Good Idea.

Send an e-mail to these Chapeaux pour les Derrieres. Share your feelings with the nice bureaucrats of Tele Liban.

Of course they will think you are insane, but We Are All God's Fools. Be less cool. Bother some Lebanese strangers.

Crusader, can you please post this on every one of your 203 Labyrinthine Websites, Forums and Blogs? I don't care if all your Youthoid friends think I'm an asshat. I am an asshat. Next question?

Tele Liban

Street Address Tallet El Khayat
P.O.Box 11-4848
City Beirut
Country Lebanon
Telephone +961 (0)1 792 000 / 793 000
Telefax +961 (0)1 786 921 / 786 931
Satellites Telstar 10
Arabsat 3A
Nilesat 102
© LyngSat Address, last updated 2005-05-28


Blogger pat's pub said...

You're right ,Bob, everyone should have access to this sugar-coated mindless garbage. But writing to the TV Station would be quite pointless....
Lebanon has a Federal Censorship Law that prevents local media from broadcasting or printing anything of israeli origin or israeli content. (Untill a few years ago the UK had a similar law that was used on the IRA and Sinn Fein.) That's why they chickened out.

Next Peace Plan, please !


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