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28 May 2005

Lebanon causing trouble for the Termites

It's asshats like this
who are delaying and causing trouble for the Droog4 Internet Relay Chat/Vleeptron Middle East Peace Plan.

Thanks for the wikipedia URL, ockegham. It led me to this.

Lebanon is a particularly important component of my Peace Plan. They grow a metric shitload of the finest hashish in the world, in the Bekaa Valley. Under the visionary Droog4 IRC/Vleeptron Peace Plan, the Middle East will get a lot peacefuller when this resource is liberally distributed throughout the region, without border or legal impediments, to Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druse. Old hippie folksingers from the '60s will also play a major role in the Droog4 IRC/Vleeptron Peace Plan.


Last Updated: Friday, 18 March, 2005, 18:09 GMT

Lebanon withdraws from Eurovision

Singer Aline Lahoud would have represented Lebanon

Lebanon has withdrawn from this year's Eurovision Song Contest, after refusing to show the Israeli entry on Lebanese TV channel Tele-liban.

The channel told the European Broadcasting Union that Lebanon's legislation made it nearly impossible to broadcast the Israeli performance.

This puts it in breach of contest rules, which state that all countries taking part must show the entire event.

Lebanon was due to take part in the contest for the first time this year.

It would have been represented by singer Aline Lahoud in the semi-final in Kiev on 19 May.


Eurovision's executive supervisor Svante Stockselius told Eurovision website ESC Today: "When we told them [Lebanon] they had to broadcast the entire programme, they decided to withdraw from the contest."

"I feel particularly sorry for Aline Lahoud."

Tele-liban will still have to pay the participation fee for the contest and faces a further fine for withdrawing.

The channel had originally said it would take part in December 2004, meeting a deadline by which all countries had to confirm their participation.

Lebanon would have been one of three newcomers to this year's contest, the other two being Bulgaria and Moldova.

The final will be held on 21 May, with a record 39 countries taking part overall.


Quand tout s'enfuit
Lebanon's entry in 2005 Eurovision Song Contest
performed by Aline Lahoud
written by Jad Rahbani and Romeo Lahoud

Quand tout bascule dans l'oubli
Quand il n'y a rien
Qu'un froid soleil au declin
Quand l'hiver noie ses pleures
Dans mes nuits qui se meurent

Toi seul, tu es la
A grave dans mon coeur ton image
Comme dans un bouquin
Qui n'a dans ces pages qu'une page
Et je sais pourtant qu'un de ces jours
Quand on n'aura jamais le temps pour notre amour

Quand tout s'en va
Il y aura toi, y aura moi
Il y aura des jours, des tous jours pour t'aimer
Oh, mon amour

Et moi, je suis la, tout pres de toi
De tout ce qui te ressemble
Mais moi, je serai la pour finir ensemble ce long voyage
Et t'aimer, et t'aimer d'avantage
A tout jamais, a tout jamais

Et je sais pourtant qu'un de ces jours
Quand on n'aura jamais le temps pour notre amour

When Everything Escapes

When everything goes to forgetfullness
When there's nothing
But a cold sun in decline
When the winter drowns its weepings
In my nights that are dying

Only you are there
You engraved your image in my heart
Like in a book
That has in its pages only one page
And I know though that one of those days
We'll never have time for our love

When everything goes away
There'll be you, there'll be me
There'll be days, whole days to love you
Oh, my love

And I'm there, close to you
To everything that resembles you
And I'll be there to finish this long journey together
And to love you, and to love you for the good
For always, for always

And I know though that one of those days
We'll never have time for our love


Blogger Joana said...

Do you know «The Klezmatics»? There is a song by them I find very moving 'An Undoing World':
a little of the lyrics:

Dispossession by attrition is a permanent condition
That the wretched modern world endures.…

A refugee, who's running from the wars,
Hiding from the fire-bombs they've hurled;
Eternally a stranger out-of-doors,
Desperate in this undoing world. …

This song was written 7 yrs ago I think, and yet nothing has changed!

Blogger Joana said...

Ohh I should say the words are by Pulitzer-Prize winner Tony Kushner.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Bob knows the Klezmatics! But Bob didn't know they were winning Pulitzer Prizes. Bob will begin doing ear research immediately.

The local University of Massachusetts FM radio station has had a Jewish/Israeli music show for many years. The deejay changes -- except for me, and liberal arts graduate students, you can't stay in college forever. (For poetry and creative writing students, you CAN stay in college forever!)

As John Belushi screamed in "Animal House" when he was expelled from the 4-year liberal arts college: OH NO! SEVEN YEARS OF HARD WORK DOWN THE DRAIN!!!

He stole that scream from me.

Anyway one day I am listening to WMUA-FM and I keep hearing this Strange Mystery Noise. It sounds somehow familiar. But I have no idea what the singer is singing. Well, he's not singing. He's ... uhhh ... what the hell is he doing?

I telephone the deejay.

" :))) Hi! Matzoh Ball Soup here!" the Amber or Tifani or Heather says.

"Uhh ... is that ... No, it can't possibly be ... I'm sorry for the dumb question. Is that Hebrew rap? Israeli rap?"

" :))))) Yes! It is! I just got back from my vacation in Israel and I brought back all these Israeli rap CDs!"

"Okay. Uhhh ... I got a weird request. You can hang up if you want."

" :))) Okay, if I have it, I'll play it."

"Uhhh .. do you have any Refusenik music or Israeli anti-war music? You know ... pacifist kommie songs from contemporary Israel?"

(A Refusenik is a nice Jewish Israeli boy who refuses to put on the Paul Newman "Exodus" costume when he turns 18 and gets his draft notice.)

":))) Oh sure! I'll put it on when the rap is done!"

So anyway Shlomo finished rapping b'Ivrit, and then this young guy starting singing. It was definitely folk-song acoustic guitar stuff.

My Ivrit sux, but actually I didn't have much trouble with the translation. He was whining the following through his young nose:

??? shalom ??? shalom shalom ??? shalom ??? shalom shalom ??? shalom ... shalom ???? shalom shalom shalom ??? etc.

I think the song had something or other to do with peace. It was rather sad. It was rather sweet. I'll bet Roovayn gets laid a lot. And also gets the crap beat out of him a lot.


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