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30 May 2005

IRC relapse

This is long, but most of it is in Turkish, so unless you speak Turkish, you can skip over most of this.

If you weary of it and wish to leave, before leaving, please scroll down to the bottom and read the brief Private Chat between [Droog4] and [dowset]. Vleeptron thanks you for your cooperation, and sincerely believes you will be rewarded for Obeying Bob.

Happy Memorial Day. We celebrate and express our gratitude to our military Veterans on two national holidays. This is the one for the Veterans who are still alive. The other one is for The Dead Guys and Gals. This is My Holiday. I would have marched in the Florence, Massachusetts Memorial Day Parade, but my fucking little nephews found my uniform in the closet at my Mom's apartment, and she gave it to them to use as a Halloween Costume, and from there it vanished, perhaps a free clothing donation for the totally naked. (I still have my dogtags, no fucking little Trick-or-Treater is getting his grubby little hands on them.)

{ [ ( o ) ] }

* Now talking in #london
* Topic is 'support visit us @'
* Set by X on Mon May 30 12:23:28
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* _FEMALE-LX_ was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: too many spammers from this network)
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[Droog4] Greeting English people in London! It is I, a Wild Colonial Boy! And I have a Question!
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -b *!*Bored@213.186.181.*
* Droog4 wiggles the tail on his raccoon skin cap
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* Droog4 for everyone's amusement in the Mother Country
[Droog4] Who will help a Wild Colonial Boy with his Question?
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[Luckyman_UK] depend on what the question is
[Droog4] It is in no way a Nasty Question, please help me either in Open or Pvt at your convenience and preference
[Droog4] hiya Luckyman!
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[Droog4] If you wish to telephone the United States of America (waves little flag) from UK, what is the Country Code you must use?
[Luckyman_UK] i think its 001
[Droog4] close enough for rock n roll, thanx
* Droog4 rassles with a grizzly bar
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* X sets mode: +l 115
[Droog4] also how's Marks & Spencer doing? (sighs with nostalgic longing)
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* Droog4 fondles his wonderful Marks & Spencer shirt, weeps
[TuRk^M^] hi all
* Luckyman_UK has quit IRC (Quit)
[TuRk^M^] hello room
[Droog4] yo Turk
[TuRk^M^] how are people ¿
[RainnMan] Keslan
* Andra_x has joined #london
[RainnMan] Sanane türk mürk
[TuRk^M^] ¿
[RainnMan] mýnýza koyar
[TuRk^M^] okkkadar
* cristi38 has joined #london
[ses-uk] hi all
* pahomi has joined #london
[RainnMan] ne diyo la bunlar
[RainnMan] :)
[RainnMan] öyle daha
[RainnMan] þimdi
[RainnMan] sussunlar
[TuRk^M^] hi [[ ses
[Droog4] hey Turk your ? is upside-down, can i help you fix it? also selam
[RainnMan] izlesinler
[RainnMan] nasýl muhabbet edilir
* X sets mode: +l 119
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* M^rk was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: 1 less idiot)
[TuRk^M^] wealeykumselam
[TuRk^M^] 10x
[RainnMan] a.s
* cute_nel has quit IRC (Quit)
[TuRk^M^] ok
* realife has left #london
* Radu-- has joined #london
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -b+b *!*@* *!*@
[RainnMan] Abi nerden
[TuRk^M^] 25 [ m ist TU®KEY
* robert_plant has joined #london
[Droog4] wealeykumselam «-- what Turk said
* sweet_ruby has joined #london
* decent_man was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: decent_man You have been idle in #london)
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[TuRk^M^] 10x « Droog4
* melchie-- has left #london
[RainnMan] 16 m Samsun Tür©eY
[TuRk^M^] isim ¿
[Droog4] Turk how did Turkiye do in Eurovision Song Contest?
* sweet_ruby has quit IRC (Quit: Don't funk with heart)
* X sets mode: +l 116
* spin-- has quit IRC (Quit)
[RainnMan] kAdir
[RainnMan] habuna
[RainnMan] Ba
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -bb *!*@ *!*@195.229.*
[RainnMan] Eurovision
[RainnMan] Diyo
[RainnMan] i am Sertab Erener
[Droog4] Diyo =? "it makes me vomit" ?
[RainnMan] Ne oldula sustun kaldýn
[RainnMan] i am AtheNa
[ses-uk] wher are u from Droog4?
* Fucking has joined #london
[RainnMan] uheuhe
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *fuck*!*@*
* Fucking was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: Nasty nick try changing)
[RainnMan] Gidersem bugün bu evden bu can bu hayat düþer gözümden
* Droog4 waves very large Red White & Blue Stars & Stripes Flag
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -bb *!*Cut3z@* *!*okyanus@85.100.195.*
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[Droog4] hi ses-uk
* SEAMAN has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[RainnMan] Ben sana Deli divane aþýðým
* YaSiN has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* HeadHunters has left #london
[RainnMan] oðlum
* deniz_male has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[RainnMan] sözlük yok
[RainnMan] MTu
* UmerShah has joined #london
* alex69 has joined #london
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[Droog4] Hooray Hellas/Greece for winning Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev!!!
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* Droog4 installs Karaok-e V.4 software, begins to sing his fave songs from Eurovision Song Contest 2005 through all your computer speakers
* Honest has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[RainnMan] yesss
* TurkBoy has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)

VLEEPTRON FOOTNOTE: Please observe the Greek Guy and the Turkish Guy just chatting along in agreement, respect and peace. This is the Way of IRC. This is the Way of Vleeptron.

[TuRk^M^] yes win greece

[Aguilera] hi!
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -b *!*
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* X sets mode: +l 111
[TuRk^M^] nice song
* Aguilera has quit IRC (Quit)
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[Droog4] So Contest will be in Athenai next year, 2006?
* frozen_09 has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[RainnMan] Yes
[TuRk^M^] yes
* Kittian has left #london
* MrHyde has joined #london
* Aguilera has joined #london
[RainnMan] iyi söylediler ama hee
* Droog4 clicks on for early tickets USA - Athenai
[Aguilera] hi
[MrHyde] heya Aguilera.
* llore has quit IRC (Quit)
[Droog4] hi Aguilera!
* Lori` has joined #london
* seksman29m has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Aguilera] What'zzz up??
[Lori`] hello
* Droog4 is being Silly, apologizes
* dowset has joined #london
[MrHyde] heya Lori`.
[MrHyde] :)
* Ariatna37 has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
[dowset] You think I give a shit If you're a socialist If you're a capitalist We've all got to exist On this planet with nowhere to run The millions of brainwashed must open their eyes We are one
[MrHyde] hmm... what's up with X?
* information3 has joined #london
[Lori`] szia MrHyde
* Fransiz has joined #london
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* Fransiz was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: spam bot)
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[Droog4] dowset -- whose Eurovision song was that?????
[MrHyde] uh, what?
[dowset] Eurovision?
* MrHyde has quit IRC (Registered)
* MrHyde has joined #london
[Lori`] hungary pls...
[dowset] lol
* azz was kicked by X ((jkel) ass)
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* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +v MrHyde
[MrHyde] ok, there we go..
[Droog4] hahahaha
* X sets mode: +l 107
* X sets mode: +o MrHyde
[dowset] :P
* Lori` has left #london
[Droog4] that was not Eurovision song ... that was Youth Punk Rap!!!
* kavak_agaci has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[dowset] youth punk rap
* ^melissa^ has joined #london
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *!*nnheafwxt@*
* ^melissa^ was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: is on a spam bot channel)
[dowset] lol
* katie_uk has quit IRC (Quit)
[dowset] make me laugh
[dowset] its nofx
* mirela36 has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
* malraux has joined #london
[Droog4] i hope milk comes through your nose when you laugh
* X sets mode: +l 104
[dowset] you sure have hope for nothing usefull
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *!*
* doruu was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: doruu You have been idle in #london)
* Greek36m has joined #london
* Droog4 sings his favorite Eurovision 2005 Song thru your computer speakers: You're so pretty! I love you! I love you! I am happy! The sky is Sunny! Happy happy! Nice pretty people everywhere! (Portugal)
* utkan has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
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[dowset] what is Eurovision ? a pop band from europe ?
* slowgrind has joined #london
[dowset] are you listening at them ?
[Droog4] dowset, do you live on Pluto or Jupiter?
* fukmuck has joined #london
[dowset] lol
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -b *!*
[dowset] maybe
[Droog4] well, IRC welcomes everyone
[dowset] is it good or it's suck ?
[dowset] eurovision
* lat1nguy has quit IRC (Quit)
[Droog4] Eurovision is a television network for about 50 countries, and once each year it has a Big Pop Song Contest
* fukmuck was kicked by MrHyde (fukmuck)
[Droog4] it's suck
[Droog4] good question
[dowset] lol
* Lado_kararay has joined #london
* information3 has quit IRC (Quit)
* aries25f has joined #london
[Droog4] but it Sucks more than Anything Sucks in the Whole Wide World!
[dowset] and im supose to know about that
[dowset] hahaha
[Droog4] this is World-Class Sucks!
[dowset] lol
* RainnMan has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[Droog4] you have never sucked anything that sucks like this
* aziz20 has quit IRC (Quit)
* Julie_ has quit IRC (Quit)
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* X sets mode: +l 100
[dowset] mmmmh exepte lollipop i dont suck many things
* dana30 has joined #london
* theblues has joined #london
[Droog4] okay dowset now you gotta tell us which Planet you live on that you never heard of Eurovision
[dowset] quebec
* nicca_25 has left #london
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[dowset] rimouski
[dowset] lol
[Droog4] salut mon ami! J'habite 6 heurs sud du Montreal!
[dowset] tu parle francais
* CaR{iZ}mA has joined #london
* angel37 has joined #london
[dowset] mais jpense pas kici lmonde aime kon parle francais

(But I thought they kick everybody off this channel for speaking French)

* attractiveey has joined #london
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* X sets mode: +l 107
[attractiveey] hello
[Droog4] merci pour a creer k je parle francais, most francophones do not share your opinion
* Juliosa has joined #london
[dowset] your staying in u-s ?
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -b *!*@*
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* X sets mode: +l 110
[Droog4] i am not Just Staying, Monseiur! I am a Citoyen du les Etates-Unies!!!
* fukmuck has joined #london
[ses-uk] :))
* Droog4 waves small American flag
* lovelyroses has joined #london
* |LoVeLy| has joined #london
[Droog4] btw, patriotic holiday today in USA
[dowset] lol
[Droog4] banks closed
[dowset] wich cities
* hunterman has left #london
[Droog4] ATM open then
[dowset] lol
* smm has left #london
[dowset] i hope so
[Droog4] the Fete? EVERYWHERE!
* Elnenesp has quit IRC (Quit)
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *!*
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[Droog4] this is big-ass whomp ass patriotic holiday!
[dowset] have you listen the match against oceanic yesterday ?
[dowset] london/oceanic
[Droog4] ut-oh
[dowset] disapointing :|
* tiky has joined #london
[Droog4] i lied, i am from Pluto. Quest-k-c'est Oceanique?
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -bb *!* *!*@*
[Droog4] football/soccer?
[dowset] a hockey team from rimouski quebec
[Droog4] HOCKEY!
* Chaserica has joined #london
* elwan21 has joined #london
* Droog4 French-kisses Tim Horton
[dowset] they were playing against london for the memorial trophy
[dowset] they have lost 4-0
[dowset] lol
* catch23 has joined #london
* attractiveey has left #london
[Droog4] Why do Canadians / Canadiennes do it doggy-style?
[dowset] juste with english girl
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *!*@pool-71-100-83-97.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *!*
* `Sorin has joined #london
* C-Me-InUSA was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: C-Me-InUSA You have been idle in #london)
[dowset] cuz they never do anything
[Droog4] So they can both watch the hockey game.
* BrianUK has quit IRC (Quit)
[dowset] lol
* PATTRICIA was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: PATTRICIA You have been idle in #london)
* angelfire has joined #london
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* tiky is now known as TuRk_M_TDI
[elwan21] hey hý
* fallen`star bye
* Greek36m has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* Droog4 rassles another grizzly bear
* gope has joined #london
* Madeline has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -bb *!* *!*
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[UmerShah] Backing from away! Away for: 48mins 17secs
[dowset] if fight agains a bear one time
[dowset] it was freak

* morocco26msn has quit IRC (Quit)
[dowset] i caught up my arm with is claw
* Julie19 has joined #london
* The-Mask has joined #london
* zalim has joined #london
* DuZz has joined #london
* powerTRtdi is now known as TuRk^M^25TDI
* [[BB-away is now known as [[BB3k3r
* TuRk^M^25TDI is now known as TuRk^M^26TDI
* Deliya has joined #london
* Bogdyxx has joined #london
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[Bogdyxx] hy all
* X sets mode: +l 113
* Chaserica has quit IRC (Quit)
[TuRk^M^26TDI] hi all
[MicaSirena] 02) · +BadBoy20 · mersi
[MicaSirena] (20:02) · +BadBoy20 · :))
[MicaSirena] (20:02) · +dark-m · Fr3cky salve
[MicaSirena] (20:02) · +AngelForever · BadBoy20
[MicaSirena] (20:02) · +AngelForever · MicaSirena
[MicaSirena] (20:02) · +AngelForever · terminati
[MicaSirena] (20:02) · +AngelForever · amindoi
[MicaSirena] (20:02) · +BadBoy20 · :D
[MicaSirena] (20:03) · +BadBoy20 · i'm done
[MicaSirena] (20:03) · +dark-m · ia la dans
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *!?*Jedi@81.181.2.*
* MicaSirena was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: pub flood detected. Naughty Monkey. Go sit in the corner.)
[TuRk^M^26TDI] hello room
[@BB3k3r] hey u
[TuRk^M^26TDI] how are people ¿
[@BB3k3r] flooders
[@BB3k3r] shits.. damn it
[@BB3k3r] hi TuRk^M^26TDI
[@BB3k3r] silent
[@BB3k3r] :::::D
* angelfire has quit IRC (Quit)
[Bogdyxx] ce facetzi???
[@BB3k3r] Bogdyxx try english u muppet
* X sets mode: +l 110
* ALAMANDA has joined #london
* fallen`star has quit IRC (Quit: we were layin'on the whitest sand,oh,sun above us in a foreign land,seemed like you and me could wait forever,oh,but the clouds pulled in and the sky got dark,then it kind of seemed like the wind picked up,a cold wave was coming time to run now or never more.)
* budensee has quit IRC (Quit)
* Turkish has joined #london
[Bogdyxx] i asked woh are you doing
* yogy_bear has joined #london
[Bogdyxx] how
* billas has joined #london
[@BB3k3r] aham
* bruce1 has joined #london
[@BB3k3r] so so
[@BB3k3r] is damn quiet here u?
[Bogdyxx] so what?
* X sets mode: +l 113
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *!*yogy_lee@202.84.114.*
* yogy_bear was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: is on a flooders channel)
[Bogdyxx] where are you from?
[BraD_PiTT] i from istanbul
* Sozana-_- has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* hui has left #london
[Bogdyxx] not you
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: -b *!*@*
* X sets mode: +l 110
[@BB3k3r] hehehe
[Bogdyxx] you
* Madeline has joined #london
[TuRk^M^26TDI] [[[ 26 m Istanbul // TU®KEY
* milena^^ has left #london
[@BB3k3r] from raining europe
[BraD_PiTT] :)))
[Bogdyxx] me too
* Lado_kararay has left #london
[Bogdyxx] exactly
[BraD_PiTT] i am from istanbul
* SveN-UK has quit IRC (Quit: X-CRiPt 5.1 )
[BraD_PiTT] bayrampaþa
[BraD_PiTT] me too
[@BB3k3r] england?
[TuRk^M^26TDI] slm BraD
[BraD_PiTT] selam naber
* Rida has joined #london
[TuRk^M^26TDI] i
[TuRk^M^26TDI] senden ¿
[BraD_PiTT] bu ibneler benimle dalga geciyor..
[TuRk^M^26TDI] ewt
[BraD_PiTT] türkçe konuþyom diye..
[@BB3k3r] BraD_PiTT TuRk^M^26TDI please use english in main channel
* dowset has quit IRC (Quit: nofx 24-25-26juin au metropolis chu la les 3 jour)
* S-Edb3rg sets mode: +b *!*cancanpol@85.97.109.*
* fukmuck was kicked by S-Edb3rg (Banned: too many spammers from this channel)
[TuRk^M^26TDI] ole yapar amýna koduklarm
[TuRk^M^26TDI] ok
[Bogdyxx] are you from england?
[BraD_PiTT] Amina Kodumu oðullari artislik yapiyorlar...
[@BB3k3r] TuRk^M^26TDI ru stupid or a blind muppet?
* cuteguy_UK has joined #london

~ a Private Chat ~

[Droog4] hey hey read my blog there is Stuph about Quebec in it somewhere if you can find it
[dowset] good
[Droog4] look for post: "touts les mots du Fermez les Honky-Tonks"
[Droog4] You know Val d'Or?
[dowset] yes
[Droog4] I heard the song on the AM radio at night near Val d'Or
[Droog4] shitkicker = Country & Western song en Quebecoise
[dowset] lol
[Droog4] comment dit on shitkicker en Quebecoise?
[dowset] botter la marde
[Droog4] hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha lol rofl hahahahaha
[Droog4] j'aime cette
[Droog4] Quebec kix ass!
[dowset] quebec is a pretty weird place with lots off big fat "HABITANT" drinking beer and fucking everywhere with free marihuana
[dowset] :P
[Droog4] okay guess when i was in Montreal ...
[Droog4] driving thru the city, i look up at touts les billboards ...
[dowset] lol
[Droog4] all the billboard ditent: OUI! NON! NON! OUI! OUI! NON! NON!
[Droog4] btw France and Euro Constitution ... yesterday France ditent: NON!
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