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22 April 2005

Heilige Scheisse!!! Unglaublich!!

NorthCO,usa said ...

I have to assume you Deutsch Taktgeber
(Holy Shit: what will Gogle come up with next?!? via does not perform in the past because there where no Low-frequency radio time signals being broadcast back then.

If not that, it uses the GPS sats for a clock signal.

Peace! (Soon, Please)

3:07 AM

I am fetching this up from the Comment Sewers of Vleeptron because we have an authentic
Sherlock Holmes or Lt. Columbo in our midst. And I think this is NorthCO,usa's first Comment about anything on Vleeptron. What an entrance!

And one interesting thing about my problem with My Amazing Clock and my Heathkit TM-212 Time Machine (My clock works just fine in the Future, but doesn't work in the too distant Past) is that as far as I can figure out, there is no way to shove my screwy story into Google's mouth and get The Answer out Google's Ass. I don't think violating the Vleeptron PizzaQ Honor System would help you figure out The Answer.

Maybe if you Googled: "really super-accurate clock" you might get there.

Indeed. My Amazing Clock looks exactly like a clock. It's round and hangs on the wall, has a battery in it, and has a second, minute and hour hand, and has an LED readout of the date.

But it's NOT really a clock ... it's really a RADIO!

In North America, it's tuned to WWV, the US Government Time Signal Radio Station. No Howard Stern, no Sunday Gospel Hour or Polka, no phone-in show about Tom Delay's ethical troubles. Just The Time, in a coded format. (Now and then, just for thrills, they announce the Radio Signal Propagation Sunspot Forecast. Make sure you're sitting down and don't have a weak heart.)

WWV knows what time it is by using a Cesium Atomic Clock as its standard of oscillation. A cesium-133 isotope's nucleus wiggles with relentlessly dependable regularity (9,192,631,770 Hz or cycles per second)
and is the Earth and Vleeptron and possibly the Universe Gold Standard of Dependably Reliable Wiggling. You count the number of wiggles per second, divide by the millihectares of fabric on Madonna's underpants, and voila: The Next Beep of WWV's superaccurate Radio Time Code.

My Faux Clock receives the signal, automatically decodes it, and tells the second hand precisely when to advance. I think they claim that if you rely on any "atomic clock" like this, in one million years, you will be one second late or maybe early to your dentist appointment.

You should see the cool nifty Lambada it does in the middle of the night when it gets the WWV signal to Spring Forward or Fall Back! It's almost worth staying awake to watch the hands go crazy for a minute or two. And then voila! You are either Standard, or Saved.

More later. I have to get my hair cut. This time I'll ask her to make me look just like the bureaucrat behind Window 4 in Room 213!

UPDATE: A Great Haircut from Jerry the Proprietor! Jeez I am One Handsome Devil again, and I didn't really ask to look like a bureaucrat ... Jerry made me look just like Matthew McConaughey!

NorthCO,usa ... credit 6 Pizza Slices to your Vleeptron Account! Double Anchovies! And what's the URL of your blog? The one I get when I click deadends, I get no blog.


Blogger Joana said...

Hmmm sorry but I need to correct your German dear...

Heilige Scheisse :)

and the French «de temps em temps»

See you on cyberspace!

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Someday I want to speak, understand, read and write at least 6 other languates fluently -- but for now:

1. Can I find my train on time?

2. Can I buy the sausage?

3. Can I stay out of Turkish and Meixan prisons?


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