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18 April 2005

What's wrong with my Amazing Clock??

I got this clock on my wall, wow what a clock. Really. When I get the Right Answer to this PizzaQ, I will give you the URL so you can have this clock, too.

Its big ballyhoo selling point is Accuracy. Like totally scary Super Accuracy. (And Germans designed it, so it looks way cool too, muy butch. Maybe the Germans built it but hired an Italian to design what it looks like.)

But there's Something Really Odd about my clock.

Every time I take it with me into the past in my Heathkit Time Machine (the TM-212, boy was THAT a hard kit to build!), I take a perfectly fresh Energizer Bunny battery, but if I travel to the 19th Century or earlier, MY CLOCK JUST DOESN'T WORK!

But then I come home to 2005 and the damn thing works like a Swiss watch!

Oh -- okay, well, I traveled Forward in time last week, to see Halley's Comet come back in 2062, and my Amazing Clock worked just fine!

(I shouldn't reveal stuff about the Future, but you would not believe what men and women are spending their money on with plastic surgeons in 2062!!! And Jeez! You should see who just broke the Major League Home Run record! Hint hint hint: There's a new baseball superstar they call "Babe." End hint.)

Okay now, besides the usual Vleeptron
PizzaQ No-Surfing Honor System, A Certain Person who hangs here is ineligible to answer this PizzaQ. You know who you are.

Why doesn't my Amazing Clock work when I travel back in time?

2 slices. I'm not sure if this is Easy or Hard.

Oh, PS: Heathkit went out of business in 1992. So I have the TM-212, and you don't, eat your hearts out. I know how the jury is going to decide the Michael Jackson thing. Hahahaha.


Blogger pat's pub said...

Yout clock does not work because back in the 19th Century there were no timezones or a world standard time. Back in those days each city , county and even village had its own time, adjusted to the sun. that was changed by an expat from Scotland who moved to Canada and worked for the canadian Pacific Railroad. His name was Stanford Fleming and I only know this stuff because I happen to read a book about this bloke called "time Lord" by Claire Blaise. Legend has it that Fleming came up with the idea of time zones when he missed a train while being in Ireland due to a typo in his timetable (a.m. istead of p.m.)hel He later organized a Conference in Wahsington on the subject but I haven't gotten thus far in the book yet
Because of this Conference the world was divided into 24 time zones and that's why Bob's clock must be quite irritated. this idea would not have been possible with a litte help from John Harrison and his clocks (we have talked about him in the comments section before)

Two Vleeptron Old Draougts and a pack of vleepcrisps, please

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Wrong. Wrong. Nicht korrekt. Falsch. That is not what is wrong with my Amazing Clock when I take it into the Past.

No pizza, no Old Vleeptron beer, no crisps.

Blogger SteveHeath said...

What kind of kit was that?

Say it again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Heath in Clearwater

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

I'm glad you're still in business, but I miss the Heath Company that made such nifty electronic kits. Beep-beep hummmmmmm. You needed these gizmos to be a mad scientist and rule the world, and Heath made 'em affordable and reliable. I still got 'em, there ain't nothing like 'em. And so much fun, and so much pride that you made 'em yourself.

It's a defective, substandard, far less interesting world without Heathkits.

Blogger NorthCO,usa said...

I have to assume you Deutsch Taktgeber
(Holy Shit: what will Gogle come up with next?!? via does not perform in the past because there where no Low-frequency radio time signals being broadcast back then.

If not that, it uses the GPS sats for a clock signal.

Peace! (Soon, Please)


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