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21 April 2005

It's official: we're all rubes from the boondocks

A day has gone by
and so far, only 1 blogeusse, Vleeptron's most faithful Comment-leaver, has ventured a guess about either of the two mystery perversions. mamagiggle notes that rabbits are coprophagous, which puts them in the same hutch as Wolfgang A. Mozart, who Dr. Freud was convinced was a coprophiliac.

She is on the right Bunny Trail, but still has a ways to go to the end.

Nobody ventured a guess about troilism, which the Lord Chancellor of the UK objects mildly to. If you stare at this word of French origin fixedly for an hour, the nature of this perversion may clarify.

So. So far, everybody on Vleeptron is a rube from the boondocks. We all have straw dangling from our teeth and dress like the cast of "Hee Haw." There are people Out There doing things so naughty and nasty that we can't even spell or define them.

And yes, that includes me. When I first bumped into these perversions, I could only say, "Huh?"

If you want to show Vleeptron how sophisticated and hip and with-it you are, you're still on the Vleeptron PizzaQ Honor System. No surfing, no dictionaries, no telephoning Klaas in Rotterdam.

But you can rent and watch "Amadeus," and see if you can extract a hint from the scene where Wolfie meets Constanze under the harpsichord. (The music score is OUTSTANDING!)

And you all still need to be 18+ even to guess about these things. Violations will be reported to the Federal Internet Administration, and your Mother.


Blogger Mike said...

coprophiliac: Comes from the latin root copor, which is where the word corporial comes from, and phali, which is where the word phallus comes from. Meaning fleshy unit in modern terms.

troilism: Basically, they took tri, cut off the i, and took toil, and cut off the t, and then added an ism from orga-ism. The end result was troilism, which means, basically, threesome. Not really my thing. Especially the sword fighting variety.

Now, where does the word balderdash come from?

Blogger Amy said...

I sincerely hope no one here is a coprophiliac...and if they are, I sincerely appologize, as I am not passing judgement on your lifestyle, much less what gets your jollies off.

(Okay, yes I am passing judgement...but that's just...DIRTY. My mommy told me never to play with anything meant for the toilet...for shame little bunnies!)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Mike, I am proud of your rigid adherence to the Vleeptron PizzaQ Honor System. Clearly, re coprophiliac, you are still clueless. No pizza.

Troilism, on the other hand, we give you the pizza. You are pretty hip. You've been around the block.

But actually it's NOT just a threesome ... it's MORE! Or can be more! Like the night I was in Greenwich Village with these ... oh never mind.

Anyway, troilism is any sex act involving n people, where n > 2

(In the South, they call it "a pile.")

Now ... does anybody remember, like Amy remembers with coprophilia, his or her Mommy explicitely saying: "NEVER have sex with more than one other person at a time!" Or Dad sitting you down for a serious talk on this subject?

And ... Where is the harm? Whose idea was this that This Is Bad and No One Should Ever Do It? Even college drama students in New York City in the 60s? Is this a Bible thing? Please cite chapter and verse.

Amy wins the pizza (from the Fabulous Florentinas, just down the block in Forence, best damn Pizza in the Melkweg!) for grokking coprophilia. Amy is no rube or hayseed. Amy is hip and has been around the block.

Okay, both you people left your answers as Comments, and I had asked rather for dainty and discreet e-mails.

But what the hell -- Todd, Tifani, Scott, Mark, Amber and Heather have to learn about this stuff sooner or later. Otherwise they wlll go off to Brown in September, and some Providence geezer perv will say, "Hey, how'd ya like to come over to my place tonight, and bring some friends from the dorm, and we'll all get naked and fling fecal matter around and have sex?" and she won't know that she should Just Say No Thank You, I Don't Think So.

Now she knows. She read it here on Vleeptron first.

Blogger Mike said...

Sorry about the post. I missed the previous post until after I responded to this one. I guess that's why teachers always say read all the questions first before you take the test (that way they can sneek a question at the end that says turn this paper in with just your name on it for full credit). My bad.

I apologize to all those virgin eyes out there that have never heard of a threesome or a member. Do they actually teach them to read that young these days? How times have changed. We didn't actually learn to read until we were old enough for Kindergarten.

Blogger Joana said...

Well I think the title of one of his works says it all: "Leck mich am Arsch", K.231 ;)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Do you know the tune? Can you sing the words? Can you record it on an mp3 and send it to me???


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