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15 April 2005

furlongs per fortnight

whoops i lied ... Google just returned 12,400 hits for furlongs per fortnight.

Most of the world is Metric because Napoleon forced everybody to go Metric, and if they refused, he killed them. Sometimes being forced to do something at gunpoint is Not A Bad Thing, because the Metric or CGS System makes a lot more sense than the bizzare, irrational, verkakte, arbitrary English Sytem, which the USA still retains.

For example, no matter how fast you're traveling, or what direction you measure in, the Velocity of Light in a Vacuum is 299,792,458 meters per second. It's a constant. Einstein said so.

This cannot possibly be true, but I just Googled "furlongs per fortnight," and there's Nothing There on the whole Internet.

But you're still on the Vleeptron Pizza Slice Honor System. No computering. Strictly pencil and paper and wet brain. (You can use a four-banger pocket calculator.)

For 4 Vleeptron Pizza Slices ... What is the Velocity of Light in a Vacuum in Furlongs per Fortnight?


Blogger Mamagiggle said...

I'm no good at math but I did this just to see if my problem solving abilities were up to snuff, so don't laugh if I'm way off
or is it 49,858.34....
why ya askin' us to jump through hoops to prove we read yer blog?


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