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23 April 2005

brief local account of The Big Game

When all else fails, try facts. Smaller crowd of Utrecht hools, but story not much prettier. From

21 April 2002
Ajax (2) vs. Utrecht (0) at Amsterdam Arena

Footnote: Utrecht fans sent back after racist yells

The section for visiting fans remained empty during Ajax vs FC Utrecht. Even an estimated thirty Utrecht supporters who had already entered the section, were driven out again by a battallion of riot police. All 670 Utrecht fans were put on their train just before kick-off and sent back to Utrecht on the double.

The disturbance was national news that night. According to a spokesman of the Amsterdam police department, the Utrecht fans solidly yelled Hamas, Hamas, all Jews have to be gassed upon arrival at the ArenA railway station. After consultations by telephone with the mayor of Amsterdam, Mr Job Cohen, the latter issued an official 'emergency order' to send the full group back to Utrecht. (MP)


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