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21 June 2006

Die viele Gesichter von Heidi

Danke Man-on-the-Ground in CH!

Bitte, translate the belly and t-shirt messages.


Blogger negativenelly said...

with me leotard india ink

is all I got

logo schlommer togo somehow translates as logo schlommer togo.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

ah i was not explicit, i meant to say: if any vertebrate non-digital intelligence wishes to take a whack at these translations. Clearly these charming young Swiss women are speaking Slang, Patois, maybe even Puns (Wortspiel, I think), and our dopey Translator Bots are totally useless and hopeless at slang, puns, word jokes. you have to spend years smoking pot in alleys and basements with your chums to have a grasp on Slang. Our Silicon Friends will never have these seemingly trivial experiences -- and so they won't ever understand slang.

i like

Anonymous happypat said...

logo (of course) we will beat togo
and we did


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