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01 June 2006


Okay, 3 slices, with pineapple. Vleeptron Hono(u)r System. No Googling, ABSOLUTELY no Yahooing (Yahoo sucks even worse than Google), no phoning Klaas in Rotterdam.

Or not, whatever -- be as Dishono(u)rable as you want. The best way to cheat on this one is to rent or buy the old episodes of the US television sitcom "Third Rock from the Sun" and watch them. It's pretty funny.

In "Third Rock," a small crew of UFO Aliens crash-lands on Earth and is forced to spend about three years waiting to be rescued. They have to masquerade as ordinary Earth humans. The skipper (John Lithgow) is most successful: He gets a job as a college mathematics professor, so no matter what totally ignorant idiot stunts he pulls, everyone (including his human girl friend, Jane Curtin, an anthropology professor) accepts him as an ordinary college mathematics professor.

ANYWAY ......

In the Final Episode, the Aliens are about to leave Earth forever. They decide to max out their credit cards and throw a huge Farewell Party for all their Earth friends.

They hire a Famous Entertainer to entertain at the party. (The Famous Entertainer won't let them pay by credit card, the Famous Entertainer demands Cash Up Front.)

Who was the Famous Entertainer who played at the Farewell Party in "Third Rock From The Sun"?

If you get the Answer, Vleeptron will not only send you the 3 slices of Pizza, but Vleeptron will Sing You one of the Famous Entertainer's famous songs.


Anonymous DespicableTeacher said...

Oh come on Bob!

That one's damn easy: Elvis Costello.

I'm doing fine, just have been quite busy. How is Elmer? Maybe he saw George Bush in the woods and got scared to death...


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