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29 May 2006

Memorial Day Message from Vleeptron & Veterans of Stupid Wars

Okay, don't click to make it bigger.

I found a really stunning babe in an American Flag Thong bikini, but there were barely any patriotic flag elements to it, so I didn't filch it. What would be the point?

On behalf of the
Veterans of Stupid Wars,
SP5 Bob (US Army retired)
wishes all of you

a Happy Memorial Day.

from Wikipedia:

This holiday commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country. It began first to honor Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War. After World War I, it expanded to include those who died in any war or military action.

Bring All Our U.S. Troops
from Iraq
and Afghanistan


Our Leadership, military and civilian, is too incompetent and lacks the will to prevent more atrocities from happening.

By the time we do get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, the reputation of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps will be completely destroyed.

These uniforms liberated concentration camps in 1945. European and Asian civilians ran toward the American military uniform for safety and humane treatment. And they got it.

Now the Asian world looks on these same uniforms -- the uniforms our fathers and grandfathers wore -- with fear and hatred.

As of today:
US military deaths
in Iraq


May 27, 2006
Release A060527d

Marine aircraft mishap in al Anbar

CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq – A U.S. Marine Corps AH-1 Cobra helicopter from 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing went down May 27 in al Anbar province with two Marines on board during a maintenance test flight.

Search and rescue efforts are ongoing for the missing crewmembers.

“We are using all the resources available to find our missing comrades,” said Marine spokesman Lt. Col. Bryan Salas.

The incident does not appear to be a result of enemy action.

The incident is under investigation.




If you truly feel you love
and support our military troops ...


Call your Senators! Call your Congress Member! Tell them if they don't bring your neighbors' kids home, you'll vote against them in the Tuesday 7 November 2006 election. (Tomorrow, make sure you're registered for it.)

If you haven't had enough of these wars ... if you let Bush and Rumsfeld keep lying and bumbling ... your neighbors' kids are going to keep dying. Your voice, your vote is the only thing that can save their lives.


Blogger Jim Olson said...

You know, it is technically illegal for the American Flag to be used as clothing, even representationally? The only people authorised to wear American Flags on clothing are Military, Police, Fire, and other safety professionals.

Just a bit of weird trivia for you.

Personally, I'm appreciating the flag thong on the guy in the last picture.

Oh, and Bring Them Home Now. Absolutely no reason for one more American teenager to be turned into hamburger for Bush's Folly. He is a criminal, he has committed war crimes, war crimes have been committed while he was the Commander-In-Chief. He should be immediately arrested, and hauled in front of the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague, found guilty, and (damn it I hate that I am against the ultimate penalty...) sent to prison for the rest of his life. Not a nice country club sort of prison where he can play golf and do pottery; no, a cell block where he gets one hour per day out of his cell, and shares it with a former military enlistee who managed to survive Iraq to come home only to find that the VA had cut all his benefits, so he couldn't get treatment for his PTSD, snapped, and got locked up. Bush should be forced to live in a cell with a video display that ran through a film with the names, faces and dates of death for all 2500+ American servicemen and women killed...24 hours a day. On Sundays, for relief, he could watch a video of the Iraqis he killed.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Not trivia at all. In the Army they taught us Flag Etiquette. And our Sergeant made it Very Clear that we were NOT to go out and dress ourselves up in American Flag underwear or bikinis or jockstraps.

The Army's Flag Etiquette Rules weren't in any way some kind of psycho Superpatriotic Ultrarigid Right-Wing code. It was short and simple -- respect for the Flag that anyone could understand.

And not long after that it seems that all of America got this idea into their heads that they could show how patriotic they were by wearing American Flag bikinis and underwear and skin-tight superhero outfits, etc. And it gets worse every year. Finding and filching these images -- well, the problem wasn't that there were too few scantily clad babes and guys in flags, the problem was that there were too many.

Bring them all home now? I can't figure out why Americans who want to do this are so lonely and few. I mean -- why does Congress still resist this idea? What are they expecting? Some kind of Religious Miracle, where all of the sudden Iraqis and Afghanis realize the Error of Their Ways, apologize for all the trouble they've cost, and ask to become our 51st and 52nd state?

We shoved a machine gun barrel up their asses and told them to Love Democracy or we'd pull the trigger. What did we expect?

Ever seen that extremely popular old movie "Red Dawn"? Soldiers from Cuba and the Soviet Union invade the Western states of the USA. And all over the Western states, ordinary American citizens, white suburban people, farmers, high school students, organize an underground resistance and risk and sacrifice their lives to ambush, bomb and murder all the invading army to get our freedom back.

Iraq is like Red Dawn, but with the Roles Reversed. Now we're the villains. And we can't understand why the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are resisting our Benevolent Campaign of Democratic Liberation. (And we couldn't understand why the people of Vietnam were resisting our Benevolent Campaign of Democratic Liberation. As a people, we don't seem to learn anything, we don't seem to get more sophisticated.)

Bush is a lost cause. Only Congress can end this war, and if they're too fucking stupid to end it, only American voters at the ballot box in November can end this war.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Oh, yeah, and in "Red Dawn," to show how horrible the invading Cubans and Russians are, they torture and massacre American civilians, and hold thousands of them in barbed-wire detention camps without charge or trial. That proves how evil they are, that's what makes ordinary Americans so outraged that they risk their lives to kill and defeat the Russians and the Cubans. Because they're evil. And we're good.


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