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01 June 2006

our faith-based war president

Danke pat!


Blogger Jim Olson said...

George Bush is as Christian as my desk. He is a lying, dishonest man without a shred of decency left. He shows the absolute height of human hubris every time he appears and speaks in public and history will remember him as the absolute perigee of the American political system. He is a criminal, and should be treated as such.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

There's not much doubt in my mind that history will be his come-uppance. He's going down in the history books as the worst president since Warren G. Harding -- and the accumulated scandals he'll leave office with may beat out Harding's. Of recent ex-presidents, just try to imagine what his retirement will be like. For all his troubles in office, everybody loves to see Bill Clinton, he's getting more popular all the time. Jimmy Carter -- a one-termer beset by energy and Iran hostage difficulties -- has won the Nobel Peace Prize, and is still America's unofficial ambassador for human rights and fair elections. Bush's father campaigns with Clinton for tsunami and Katrina relief.

George W. Bush Jr is going to be an ex-president like Nixon -- reclusive, lonely, abandoned and despised by the American people. No Republican running for office will want him on the campaign podium next to him.

American politics and history are going to move on -- without him.


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