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30 June 2006

my HTML ate a bad fig and was constipated. Cured now.

Okay, the original "Asymmetric Warfare" post seems to have eaten a rotten fig and caused a couple of days of Bad Constipation on Planet Vleeptron. Thus the re-post, and Vleeptron now believes the Constipation is Cured, and Vleeptron can now be accessed without problems.

Here is an original visual complaint about The Technical Problems Vleeptron's readers were experiencing the last day or two. Copyright (c) 2006 by Ron Bizer, All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know- war is a terrible thing, but your sweeping condimnation of what we have done in Iraq is ill-informed an inaccurate. I was there for 18 months and did the following:

1. set oppressed people free
2. helped capture Sadam Hussein

we shouldn't stop there, maybe Syria should be next. I hate to see people suffer.




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