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22 April 2006

Happy Birthday RevJJ!


Blogger Jim Olson said...

Why, thank you!

We managed to survive approximately 40 people in our house over a several hour "at-home" Birthday Celebration...including my mother, who met a really good cross-section of our friends. Ruth even met a transgendered person for the first time and was actually really not freaked out by her.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

suitable for framing

i baked steveheath a blog birthday cake but he must not have found it

or else he doesn't like mustard green cake (an old family recipe)

why are sex and gender so terrifying to so many people? or rather why are the varieties that JC Penneys doesn't sell so terrifying to so many people?

i find the whole thing so confusing that i am coming back in the next life as a flower, bee flies up my nose once a year, flies away, that's all there is to it.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

and i wasn't rambling

i had a lot to say

i've been dying to write about Distributed Programming on Vleeptron for most of a year

and i've been dying to write about America in the late 60s since the late 60s

somewhere (well, on Vleeptron) there is a very clear and obvious Intersection Set between Distributed Programming and Jimi Hendrix and psychedelic alkaloids

on Vleeptron you read a lot of personal ads:

FGURM seeking LZVTITITI, must love Distributed Programming & The Jimi Hendrix Experience & Raves


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