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14 February 2006

the Mystery of Time has been solved

The vanished photograph of Jack Abramoff in the same White House room with President George Bush has re-appeared on the Time Magazine site. So either it wasn't a Secret Government Conspiracy to make the photo disappear, or else it was an Incompetent Secret Government Conspiracy. Score at halftime: SGC 0, Time Magazine 1. And you can see America's most famous lobbyist, with a little red editor's circle around his little (background) head, while the President chats with a former Indian Nation Chairman.

Scott McClellan grudgingly agrees that Yeah, they're in the same room together, I guess the photo's genuine. But he says the White House has no record of letting Abramoff into the White House that day. So I guess you can just wander in and out of the place whenever you want, use the bathroom, read a magazine, meet important federal officials. That's cool.


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