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15 February 2006

a matter of Life Or Death

Ancient Egyptian royal tomb mural
depicting the board game of Go
(Luxor, circa 1950 BC).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This tomb painting is obviously New Kingdom. The kings of 1950 BC (Middle Kingdom, 12th Dynasty) were buried in pyramids which did not have wall murals. Would’ve been Amenemhet I or Senwosret I, both buried in pyramids at el-Lisht, 600 miles from Luxor.

The cartouche identifies the king as Ramesses I. Ramesses I was about 1290, not 1950.

Blogger Vleeptron Dude said...

good lord i posted that thang so long ago ... i can't remember how I stumbled into posting it (except that I'm a Go freak -- big big news last year, computers now win at grandmaster-level Go).
Thanks for all the corrections! Vleeptron doesn't get many top-level Egyptologists. Who are you, where are you, what are you?


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