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02 November 2005

test -- Vleeptron may be having image sausage problems again


Blogger U.B. said...

Had problems putting images online in my blogs, too.All related to the browser.Use firefox now and it works. Uwe
(homework done)

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

this problem seems a little more subtle ... the toy block was an image I stole from another site. But I can't post images I just made using MS_Paint, either monochrome or 16-color. But the block and my home-made .bmp images are stored in the same folder.

It's another PEBKAC problem: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. (Computer repair technicians use this acronym.)

Blogger U.B. said...

don´t know if it helps....but my "sucker upload machine-programm " for the blogs did not not want to swallow bmp, tif either.Even it said so. So I did
convert all pics into jpg - then it worked.Uploading from the computer was no longer difficult.Hm.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Bob is slightly unhappy, because until a few days ago, I COULD post my home-made .bmp images to Vleeptron. My brick wall graffiti messages were all .bmp

Now suddenly no more .bmp

I am trying to remember how I used to convert .bmp --> .jpg
Netscape Composer used to do that for me.

Ich habt Weg.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Ich habt Freude!

Doh. MS_Paint is happy to convert my .bmp images to .jpg

And then they post to Vleeptron!

Another PEBKAC problem solved!

Anonymous Sean and paul and mp3 and download said...

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Blogger Bob Merkin said...

The Investigative Bureau of Vleeptron suspects you are a Spambot.


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