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27 October 2005

Harriet: joining the Carswell/Bork Oblivion League

VLEEPTRON WISHES TO SINCERELY APOLOGIZE to Harriet Miers if anything we said in two recent posts hurt her self-esteem or fucked up her chances to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.

She would have been a fair and valuable Associate Justice. About the only thing anyone was able to learn about her opinions and feelings was that, while running for the Dallas Texas City Council, she promised a bunch of Evangelical Fundamentalists that she would do everything in her power to overturn Roe v. Wade and make abortion -- getting one or providing one -- a crime in the United States again. (See her Questionaire below.)

Presidential Puppenmeister Karl Rove appears to have made a telephone conference call to a network of Evangelical Fundamentalists to assure them that, if appointed to the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade at the court's first opportunity. But Rove said that, not Harriet. Maybe she's changed her mind since the City Council race. Maybe she could have approached Roe v. Wade with a completely open mind.

We'll never know.

She sucked as a nominee -- I mean, she couldn't even fill out the Senate Judiciary Committee's questionaire adequately. The Republican committee chairman and the ranking Democrat jointly sent it back to her and told her to do it again, this time with actual facts.

We sure dodged the bullet this time. President Bush is so powerful and beloved by all Americans these days -- they're crazy about the way he's handling the Iraq thing, some top White House staffers will probably be indicted Friday on federal felony charges over the leak of a covert CIA operative's identity for political revenge, and Bush was just so awesome coming to the rescue of New Orleans' hurricane victims -- that putting anyone Bush wants on the Supreme Court should be a walk in the park, with no trouble from the Senate at all.

Harriet's chief opponents were Bush's own Republican Fundie Faith-Based "base." And when it came down to it, Bush bluntly told them to "Trust me."

And the Faith-Based Fundies didn't trust him, and said so. She was sunk after that.

I wonder whom he'll try next. This should be fun. I think he should nominate a woman lawyer who represents Planned Parenthood.

* * *

Running for an at-large seat on the Dallas Texas City Council in 1989, Harriet Miers answered a questionaire from the anti-abortion group Texans United for Life Political Action Committee [PAC].


Dear Ms. Miers:

Texans United for Life Political Action Committee represents more than 30,000 pro-lifers in the Metroplex [greater Dallas area].

TUL PAC first surveys candidates, then conducts interviews in an impartial way to determine which candidates truly possess the pro-life philosophy. Other factors, such as voting records, where applicable, and electibility, are taken into consideration before an endorsement is made.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with members of our PAC on Thursday afternoon, April 13. Please bring several copies of the enclosed candidate survey with you. We must have your completed survey in hand in order to conduct the interview.


William E. Price




[Miers' responses are in italics. They all say Yes.]

1. If Congress passes a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution that would prohibit abortion except when it was necessary to prevent the death of the mother, would you actively support its ratification by the Texas Legislature?


2. If the Supreme Court returns to the States the right to restrict abortion, would you actively support legislation that would reinstate our 1973 abortion law that prohibited all abortions except those necessary to prevent the death of the mother?


3. Will you oppose the use of public monies for abortion except where necessary to prevent the death of the mother?


4. Will you oppose the use of City funds or facilities by any persons, groups, clinics or organizations to promote, encourage or provide referrals for abortions?


5. Will you vote against the appointment of pro-abortion persons to City Boards or Committees that deal with health issues? (To the extent Pro-Life views are relevant.)


6. Would you refuse the endorsement of any organization that supports abortion-on-demand?


7. Will you participate in press conferences to promote the goals of the pro-life movement?


8. Will you use your influences as an elected official within the confines of your oath of office to promote the pro-life cause?


9. Will you participate in pro-life rallies and special events?


10. What other ways can you think of in which you could use your office to promote the pro-life cause? Would you like to be considered for an endorsement by our PAC?


Source: Vleeptron is embarrassed to admit we got this off the Fox News Channel's website.


Blogger SteveHeath said...

Well the FOX NEWS signal does have Interdimensional Penetrating Power....As for us we're just pleased to know that when we visit Our Sainted Mother in Dallas that we'll be able to play that Texas Lottery with full confidence that the state is accurately and reliably pocketing 55cents of every dollar we spend.

Here's hoping that the Vleeptron Royal Academy of ReadinRitin&Rithmetic educates all young students as how these payout odds are about like randomly betting on the "Green Horse" at Belmont from an offtrack betting parlor somewhere in New England while heartily enjoying Adult Beverages with Good Friends.

Blogger SteveHeath said...

Previous comment should have included, " TX lot w/conf thanks to Harriet's stern and hatchet faced oversight in the years prior to becoming W's #1 legal mind."

Now I make sense, right?

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

I think it was a perfectly appropriate move on Bush's part to nominate a woman who used to supervise Legalized Gambling in Texas to become a Supreme Court Justice. The poor people of Texas didn't need all that money anyway. (Rich people don't play lotteries.)

My only complaint about Harriet while she ran the Texas Lottery was that I thought the scantily-clad girl who picked the winning number ping-pong balls on the TV show was ugly.

Maybe that was Harriet! She was saving the state money by picking the ping-pong balls herself!


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