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05 May 2005


San Jose is a medium-sized city in the San Francisco area. Its public college, San Jose State, also seems to be having trouble with vulgar and suggestive cheerleaders.

At least one Senior Geezer seemed to think so.

Someday, when I fix this goddam free image software, perhaps I can post the video of this performance which some parent shot. But for now all I can post is yarn-puking dolls and raw sausages.

But here are the lyrics to "Move Somethin" by L.L. Cool J. I don't have a clue as to what he's talking about. This song seems perfectly appropriate for the American Heritage Girls to sing around the campfire, and I'm sure it made a very tasteful musical accompaniment to the halftime entertainment during the basketball game.

Move Somethin
L.L. Cool J.

N.O. Joe, hit me baby!

Push it out girl, arch your back
Them 17's is fittin like bubblewrap
Uhh, plus they low on your hips
You there, let me grab
That thing you do keep me brick
50 told you bout the "Magic Stick"
C'mon, lean on me
I'm in love with this scenery
Poke it out
'Pon de river, 'pon de bank baby stroke it out
Sweat for your man
Both hands on your hips for your man
Me and the boys is your biggest fans
Every time we see you we be like DAAAAAAAMN!
Work it girl
Move somethin, hurt me girl - oh!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
C'mon, c'mon, move somethin
C'mon, c'mon, move somethin
C'mon, c'mon, move somethin
C'mon, c'mon, prove somethin

[LL Cool J]
Such a pimply aura
Way way hotter than I was before-a
She wanna sit courtside next to a baller
Where the paper's longer and cats are taller
Woo! I'm off on my own
Do the math mami, L's on the throne
Now take it to the floor
Do a split if you really hardcore
Man listen here
I'm hot today, ain't concerned with last year
I see your lil' shorty ride shotgun
But I done left stoplights with a hot one
Made her hop out, and move somethin
Jump in my joint, and prove somethin
He-he, I laugh at y'all
Don't worry about the check, already cashed it y'all


[LL Cool J]
Uhh, pull it to the side
Shake it for daddy, it's time to ride
Make it sweat 'til it slide
Do your thing like it's justified
Tease me a little
It's my turn to take it to the middle
Let me palm that thing
You got the bomb, I disarm that thing
Turn it around girl, I want that thing
You had to know the way you flaunt that thing
Your body's jumpin
Ain't no frontin when you provin somethin
Made eye contact with me
Now bring that thing back to me
You do your thing so naturally
I think I'm in love, actually

[Chorus - 2X]

[LL Cool J]
N.O. Joe, hit me baby!
Hot one boy, "Definition"


SAN JOSE, Calif. Apr 9, 2005 -- San Jose State has suspended its dance team after a sexy routine at a basketball game triggered a confrontation involving one of the performers.

The team is suspended until it develops guidelines to represent the university "at the highest possible standard," the division of intercollegiate athletics decided last week.

The move came a month after a shouting match between an elderly alumnus and 20-year-old dancer Tarah DiNardo, whose arm was apparently bruised by a university sports official who intervened.

The confrontation -- captured on videotape by a parent -- erupted after a dance during a March 5 home game to the raunchy lyrics of "Move Somethin'" by LL Cool J.

"It was vulgar," said Ray Silva, 74, a San Jose businessman and major university booster. "It was like a burlesque, with bumps and grinds. I just came unglued."

Silva said he shouted at the dancers: "Trash, that's trash. Get off the court."

DiNardo confronted Silva at the end of the game, gesturing emphatically as the two shouted at one another. John Glass, an associate athletic director, stepped between them and grabbed DiNardo's arm.

The dancer filed a complaint with police, but authorities declined to prosecute. Her angry father has hired an attorney.

"I don't want people to lay hands on my daughter," said businessman and ex-Marine Joey DiNardo. "There's too much dirty dancing going on," he acknowledged, but added: "You don't grab anyone or call the girls trash."

Tarah DiNardo says the dancers have simply been doing what sports officials asked. "They wanted more makeup, more hair and sexier uniforms" to boost ticket sales, she said.

"That doesn't strike me as anything we'd want," said Mark Harlan, the university's new associate director of athletics. He said the dance team's role is being reevaluated.

Copyright 2005 The Associated Press


Blogger Amy said...

Grrr...that kind of makes me angry.

I side with the elderly gentlemen and the official who intervened. Oh, poor little cheerleader got bruised because she got into a futile arguement with an old man. Crazy. I bruised my knuckle at work the other day. Damn door! I'm suing!

While I'm not entirely excusing the guy for shouting at the girls during a performance, I do believe there are standards of decency at public events. This little cheerleader girl is probably a spoiled little brat banging half of the basketball team on the side. When someone calls her on it, she goes running to daddy to protect her from that mean evil old man!

I also believe that it is bullshit that the athletic people wanted sexier more raunch entertainment. Half the people I know don't go to the basketball games to watch the cheerleaders, and many find them more of a distraction than anything. Their "performances" during halftime are largely unwatched, seeing as how everyone gets up to use the can or get another hotdog. So, that girls is full of shit.

Continue singing that song merrily around the campfire. :)

Blogger Mamagiggle said...

You goin' to the convention?

Blogger Mamagiggle said...

If you haven't rsvp'd I'd get in that Heathkit and make the appropriate arrangements.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

wow wow wow wow i am already robbing gas stations and 7-11s to go to Cambridge in the fall to the convention of the Oughtred Society of weirdos who collect ancient slide rules, but THIS ... i could be there in about 3 hours!!! (And when I drive into Boston in my truck, those violent nasty Boston drivers don't **** with me cause they know they'll lose.)

Okay, I am plugging in my Heathkit TM-212 Time Machine NOW so I can backdate myself to last week and RSVP!!! The TM-212 is so old that it still has one of those ungrounded plugs, like grandma's lamp.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Amy ... I do not detect a very high degree of Sisterhood, or consideration of the Self-Esteem of your young cheerleader sisters.

I am particularly concerned about "spoiled little brat banging half of the basketball team on the side." If she should read this on Vleeptron, it might make her cry. She only does Todd. (Okay, once Skip came over when she was babysitting, but just once.)


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