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03 May 2005

Bob bothers a South Korean astronomer

It's been days since I posted these messages to the South Korean musician-astronomer Maeng, Gil-young, who calls himself M42, after the galaxy, and the bum hasn't sent me an e-mail or left a comment on Vleeptron or even replied on his own Guestbook.

That sucks. I really love his midi jazz arrangement of George Gershwin's "Our Love Is Here to Stay."

Here's his English homepage. There's a menu to the left. Everybody go here and click GUESTBOOK. Click on the PEN icon and post a comment.

Tell him he is making Bob unhappy. Tell him he is creating diplomatic problems between the people of South Korea and the Vleeptroids in the Dwingeloo 2 Galaxy.

Mine seem to have been the first Guestbook posts not in Korean. Let's leave some more in English, Portugues and deutsches. Can anybody here speak francais? And Latin if you know Latin. Try posting images of raw sausages on his Guestbook.

Name: Bob Merkin Date : 02-05-2005 05:43
[5553] beautiful Gershwin arrangement! Thanks!

Dear M42,

What a marvelous arrangement of Gershwin's "Our Love Is Here to Stay"! Thank you!

I have linked to the midi, and to your English home page, in my blog:

News, Weather & Sports from Vleeptron:

I am used to hunting for midis and getting back ghastly steam calliope arrangements by keyboardists who hate music and have two left hands. Your jazz Gershwin was one of the few very pleasing pieces of music I have ever heard from the Web.

And you like Claude Bolling!!! I don't know which I like better, his music, or his album covers, with the piano and flute in bed together smoking a cigarette. Your Bolling arrangements are quite marvelous.

Which jazz pianists do you listen to? Have you listened much to Andre Previn's small combo, I guess from the 1960s?

Vleeptron, the planet I visit often, is in the Galaxy Dwingeloo 2, I go back and forth between Northampton Massachusetts USA and Vleeptron on the Zeta Beam. You can read about my adventures on my blog.

Actually I am making plans to visit the real Dwingeloo, the town in the Netherlands with the radiotelescope and the coordinated network of radiotelescopes that saved the data from the European probe to the surface of Uranus. And after that, I am going to visit Tycho Brahe's island of Uraniborg.

If you keep up your superb musical work, someday you may become The King's Astronomer, like Sir William Herschel!

Yours gratefully,

Bob Merkin

Northampton Massachusetts USA

Name: Bob Merkin Date : 02-05-2005 13:35
[5554] My brain not working ...

Okay okay the probe with the data problems of course was Cassini's baby Huygens, and it landed on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan. My brain was not working yesterday.

But when the Dwingeloo radiotelescope consortium JIVE rescued the almost-lost Doppler wind experiment data, I wrote about it, it's in my Vleeptron blog.

Oh the Andre Previn stuff ... he played piano with the Shelly Manne Trio. Manne also has a very interesting CD of Scott Joplin ragtime compositions. My favorite, maybe you might like it, is The Crush Collision March, which Joplin wrote for a planned public train wreck, two steam engines purposely crashed into each other in Texas at high speed. The piano or orchestra has a "train wreck" at the end of of the song.

Does Seoul have any jazz nightclubs? Do you like Thelonius Monk's compositions?


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