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29 April 2005

Vleeptron PEBKAC query No. 1

Okay let's start small.

How do I make the margins wider?


Blogger Mike said...

Let's start small he says. Funny Bob. I'm assuming you're talking about your blogger page. To make the margins wider, you need to modify the CSS. If you modify the Page Structure portion, all you really need to do is change the "main" value to something larger. That will increase the margin size, but will break all the text locations on the rest of the page. After that, you'll have to correct everything else on the page to fit with the new margins. Not a small task. Have fun with that. I was going to do that on mine (and since I'm not really bothering to post to it anymore anyway), it just wasn't worth it for the effort for me. Let me know how it goes.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Uhhh ... what's a CSS when it's at home?

Blogger Mike said...

Uhhh, Style Sheet. It's in the template. In the blogger Dashboard, go to the Template, and all that code at the top of your page is the Style Sheet. There's a portion in there called the "Page Structure" section. It'll have /* Page Structure and then a line of underscores, followed by an */. Then, right under that, there will be a line that has a #main. The width, at least on mine, is currently set to 485px. To make it wider, just make that value bigger. The rest of the CSS is up to you though dude. There's a reason that I didn't bother to do it on mine. Takes longer to figure out than questions about guys with sticks and people on big piles of dirt throwing round objects unknown distances.

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

(I tried to post the above comment with the nick Cpt.Pebkac , but I think they were demanding first that I sign up for a new blog with a new password and ... I just gave up.)

Watch This Space for Vleeptron's New Widened Margins! Coming Soon! Any hour now!

-- Cpt. Pebkac


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