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29 April 2005

Bob bothers some British bureaucrats

Okay! Connected with HM UK GB Defra's Website like Mr Aram of FAWC told me to!

And the $(^*#@*&%^ 8 March 2005 press notice he promised is Not There. Ça n'existe pas.

I am going to find this fucking thing if I have to fly to London and rent an umbrella. These bureau-weasels are hiding this controversy from the scrutiny of Vleeptron. And that sucks.

There's stuff in this report which will outrage and inflame Jews, Muslims, animal lovers, sheep, cows, kosher butchers and halal butchers, and They don't want the Jews, Muslims, animal lovers, sheep, cows and traditional butchers to get their hands on it. The little grey women and men behind Window 3A with their Perfect Attendance Record have bungled this business from Day 01, and now they don't want us to see how they've screwed it all up.

Vleeptron is not just a blog,
we're also an NGO!

We will bring this matter into the sunsine, the suncosine, and the suntangent.


Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
ATTENTION: News Releases / Press Notices
Mesdames and Sirs:
Mr Richard Aram, Assistant Secretary of FAWC, informs me by e-mail that
A press notice announcing the Government's response to FAWC's Report on the Welfare of Farmed Animals at Slaughter or Killing: Part One: Red Meat Animals was issued on 8 March 2005 and can be found on the Defra Website ( under news items.
... but I am unable to find this document on the above DEFRA website.
I am very interested in this information, and would very much appreciate any help you can give me to find it.
Yours sincerely,
Bob Merkin
Northampton Massachusetts USA
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Your query "kosher" found 0 documents from 2695 documents in this subject.


Blogger pat's pub said...

No, I cannot see an intellectual in pain and agony and decided to see what I can do for Vleeptron..
The german word for this particular practice of slaughtering is "schächten". I only know that because the Swiss Guv'mnt tried to ban this practice last year and caused a media uproar. I did some research and came up with
And ere's a press release from the Board Of Deputies Of British Jews found at
"The Government has now published its ‘Final Response’ following the Jewish community’s response to the controversial FAWC Report, published in June 2003, which recommended the Government repeal the right of the Jewish Community to practise shechita, the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food. In this report the Government has retracted its previous acceptance of FAWC’s assertions about the subjective experience of animals during shechita. In addition, the Government now acknowledges the scientific evidence submitted by Shechita UK which demonstrates that shechita is a humane method of animal slaughter for food. FAWC chose to ignore this evidence in their original report. Board President and Chairman of Shechita UK Henry Grunwald QC commented: “We are pleased that the Government has recognised and understood our concerns. The Government’s response means that the Jewish community can continue freely to practise the Jewish religious humane method of animal slaughter for food in this country. Shechita UK has been working for the past 18 months to protect shechita from the potential impact of FAWC’s inaccurate and biased report and the Government is to be commended for the consideration it has shown towards the Jewish Community following the publication of its draft response last year. However the work of Shechita UK is not yet complete. We believe that shechita should be unequivocally acknowledged as a humane method of animal slaughter for food.”
Hope this helps

Blogger Bob Merkin said...

Okay! Danke! Outstanding!

But this one's easy! Try these:

The legal rights of Rastafarians to partake of sacramental cannabis in Jamaica, UK, USA, and Caribbean nations.

The legal rights of aboriginal / native members of certain indigenous religions to partake of sacramental datura, psylocibin and other mind-altering substances in the USA, its Pacific possessions, and Canada.

LOTS of reading there! It's been all the way to the US Supreme Court a few times. (And in one decision, the Supremes said: Sure, they have the right if it's their religion.)


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